PS5 arrived at the warehouse today, get ready.

PS5 arrived at the warehouse today, get ready. 7

PS5 arrived at the warehouse today, get ready. 8

PS5 arrived at the warehouse today, get ready.

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  1. Just got a message today that I won’t be receiving my ps5 on the day in Ireland. Might get it in 2021. I’m sad as hell about that😔

  2. I would love to be ready, I literally have money and I want to give it to a company, but noone will take it on exchange for a Ps5. Fuck the scalpers.

  3. Psst, OP want to earn some money? I come come to the shop at night, hand you $500, and then you put that $500 into the till and we slip away before anyone notice. How is that?

  4. Waiting on my Xbox on the 10th from Best Buy. Glad I did delivery instead of in store especially with all the looting here.

  5. Are you at the Big A?

    Any reason to think delivery might be delayed? I expected a rough delivery date on my order by now.

    Best of luck to you, I know peak is just around the corner

  6. I don’t know how things are supposed to be packed on a palatte, and I’m just gonna have to trust that this is the correct way and these people are professionals, but I don’t like it and it feels wrong.

  7. Can anyone tell me why all the boxes are placed on the pallet upside-down? I’m sure it’s just a coincidence, but it seems like at least one of them would be upside-up if they were just randomly stacking them.

  8. This reminds me of the time I got busted for underage drinking (20 years old, drinking age was 21, had 2 beers). I ended up getting community service and was paired with a guy who worked at Toys R Us and got his community service for stealing a whole pallet of Dreamcasts. I’m not saying you should steal this pallet, but I’m also not saying that working 40 hours at the YMCA wouldn’t be worth it.

  9. This guy: Look at the 20 ps5 that arrived at the warehouse I work at today.
    Co-worker: Yes, lets put this 19 ps5 in a safe place until 11/12.
    This guy: yes, lets put them the 18 ps5 in the corner right here.
    Their boss: No, put them in that corner over there. Wow, I can’t believe they only sent 3 for the whole company

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