Pup vs Crab.

Pup vs Crab. 7

Pup vs Crab. 8

Pup vs Crab.

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  1. The crabs inner monologue:

    “Sir Bob warned me that in my travels I would be tested and may find my dragon. I have found my dragon, and he is brown…”

  2. Can you imagine that crab going home or to the coral bar to grab a drink and his crustaceous friend asks him how his day was.

    Crustaceous Friend: How was your day?

    Crab: Duuuuuude, I battled a gnarly fur monster among the giants.


    What a day!!! I wish my life was like that, some real Don Quixote type shit.

  3. I’m trying to imagine the quote that would go on this inspirational poster.

    “No matter how small you are, there is always someone smaller.”

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