Purchasing new games

Purchasing new games 7

Purchasing new games 8

Purchasing new games

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  1. Nowadays I just force myself to play the games on the shelves I haven’t played before buying anything else. It’s hard but I’m trying to break the cycle.

  2. I hated it when games stopped coming with instruction manuals. I used to buy a new game from town and read the manual all the way home on the bus

  3. That’s because as a kid, games were hard to get. You’d have to either save up your allowance, convince your parents to take a trip to blockbuster, borrow it from your friend, or get it for your birthday. It took a lot of effort and was a special event every time.

    Now, any game is about six mouse clicks away and you get to play instantly. Don’t get me wrong, it’s way better this way, but purchases just aren’t as special anymore. Plus, it’s lead to **a lot** of impulse buying games that will never get played. (*shakes fist at Valve*)

  4. At first I thought it was ridiculous to buy a game and not play it but then I realized I have tons of games on steam just sitting there with only a few hours on them

  5. Why do people buy a game they aren’t going to play? I am only ever buying a game when I need a new game to play.

  6. I see theis sentiment on Reddit a lot, Is this that common? I’m 32 and play all the games I buy unless I don’t like them. Are most of you buying tons of games and never playing them?

  7. I keep buying games I’ve always wanted on steam sales. Between work and school I just don’t have time anymore, it’s sad to have all the games a young me could have ever dreamed of, but never enough time to play

  8. Bought the mafia trilogy the day before I downloaded FF7R on ps plus mafia trilogy is sat on my shelf whilst FF7R has dominated my gaming time

  9. • Don’t have kids

    • If at all possible, try to avoid rat race careers that force you to work 60-80 hours a week

    = 4-5 hours of free time every day of the week ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  10. I had a backlog of 5 years.

    When I broke my ankle, I was out for 8 weeks – I burned through the backlog in about a month.

  11. I Imagine myself as an old man on his deathbed one day thinking “damn, I still haven’t played that game I got 15 years ago”.

  12. I bought Bayonetta 2 for the WiiU and kept it on my shelf for a couple of year before playing it even though I adore Bayonetta and fighting games. I wanted to have a new game that I knew I would enjoy saved for when I was sad or depressed like a bottle of champagne to cheer me up. Ultimately I just played the game and really enjoyed it.

  13. The eternal conundrum.

    As a kid you have time and energy but no money.

    As an adult you have money and energy but no time.

    As an elderly person you have time and money but no energy.

  14. People have this funny thing about games that I do not relate to at all. If I play a game it’s because I like the game, it I don’t play a game it’s because I don’t like it enough to spend time on it. This thing about a “backlog” putting games on a shelf and feeling vaguely bad for not playing them. I just don’t feel that way. I’ll drop a game in a heartbeat the second it gets boring and never look back.

    I think it’s the insidious way modern games are built to be addicting, to keep you playing and maybe get you to pay for more. It distracts from the primary purpose of the game, which is to be fun. But if the games not fun, I’m not playing it. It’s as simple as that. And you know how I know which game is the most fun? It’s the one I play the most. I absolutely refuse to feel bad about not playing a game or only playing a small amount of it. The games are here for my enjoyment, not as an obligation.

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