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Purely evil

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  1. Don’t stop there

    Skeletons everywhere

    Just fucking put one on the john when you leave, make it known there is no place safe from the bone

  2. But will the fake skeleton live long enough to be found by the next owners???

    No but seriously, of what material is it made? Will it make it through the next few decades?

  3. It’s great until you decide to replace it, builders find it, call the police/cops they find the DNA of a worker which disappeared and you get done for murder

  4. “A society grows great when random guys **plant skeletons** in **whose shape they** know **they shall never get sacred by”**

  5. I would do the same but add some acrylic paint and break some bits off to make it look more realistic or just kill that little kid who won’t shut the f*** up about dinosaurs and hide his body there…. I need Help.

  6. Oh my now I have an Idea: I can burry a real body and just lay a recite for a plastic skally next to is, so when the body is found they just dump it in the trash

  7. But doesn’t the plastic disintegrate?
    Oh no wait… Even plastic bottles in the ocean taje about 100 years to disintegrate, I doubt the worms and insects help with platic either soo

    Yay, good prank on your future house mate

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I imply it’s a vent, so…

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