r/Memes Memonavirus Update Thread!

r/Memes Memonavirus Update Thread! 7

r/Memes Memonavirus Update Thread! 8

Hey r/memes, this thread serves as an update thread to [the memonavirus outbreak]( that is ongoing until the end of this month. I’ll try to update this with relevant information as they come out below! Enjoy!

## to be continued…

## 3/27/2020 – 16:00

[42.4k people are infected!](

## 3/26/2020 – 02:00

32.7k people are infected! [Check out the status periodically here]( Also it’s been asked many times, so here is a tidbit. **Not all replies to infected comments will get you infected, as our bot is being API throttled by reddit.** Each hour, the infection rate caps out at 400 people give or take.

## 3/24/2020 – 13:00
[A fantastic website has been created]( to track the virus progress. This website will evolve to add more nifty charts, graphs, and statistics.

## 3/22/2020 – 13:00

8,594 total people have been infected! Hour by hour chart [here]( and cumulative infections chart [here](

## 3/21/2020 – 20:00

Patient zero has been identified as u/woodendoors7!! They have infected 2,735 people so far! Everyone’s flairs should be popping up shortly.

## 3/21/2020 – 14:00

2,010 total people have been silently infected! Some fun charts [here]( and [here](

## 3/21/2020 – 03:00

531 people have been silently infected already!

## 3/20/2020 – 20:00

Patient zero has been identified as `u/[redacted]`!! Their symptoms and flair are invisible, as will anyone s/he infects, until Saturday evening! *S/He could be any one of us!* Stay safe!

PS: If you are making memes about the memonavirus, feel free to use the flair recently added titled: `Memonavirus Event`! That way the community can browse all meta memes and we as mods can find them easier!

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Caaaaaarrrllona ?? 20

Caaaaaarrrllona ??

Doggo in shades out for a walk with a parrot on his head 21

Doggo in shades out for a walk with a parrot on his head