Really informative about the whole situation

Really informative about the whole situation

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  1. I’m already feeling the effects of it in the restaurant industry. It’s nothing crazy, but just a little slower than normal. I feel like over the next few weeks it’s going to get a lot slower, and if that happens, or if the restaurant closes for any extended amount of time, how am I going to make rent money? What do I do?

  2. He explains how a virus spreads by analogizing it to a nuclear reaction. Not sure that’s the direction I’d go if I’m trying to simplify something.

  3. ITT: Marvel at the ability of early 20s redditors to somehow think they know more than a PhD who specializes in infectious disease research and biosecurity. Be amazed at their ability to hand waive his solutions (backed by decades of experience and data) because their solution feels better.

  4. I broke multiple ribs a few years ago that became non-union rib fractures. They had to open me up and resection(removed about 1″ of each broken end, leaving 2″ spans) those ribs and plate/brace the spans. I am always short of breath, and always hurting. The pain from the braces will never go away. Coughing is brutal enough already. I hope I can stay clear of this.

  5. Based on forecasts we had 89 days till 100 million people were infected (On Monday). There should be 82 days till we hit 100 million people infected if the infection rate doesn’t plateau here in the next week. Also Manhattan should be underwater currently. Models are one thing, reality is another. We’ll see. The big thing is mortality rates vs infection rate if that continues to climb or taper off.

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