Right here’s how my spouse and I are asserting our quarantine DIY mission

Right here’s how my spouse and I are asserting our quarantine DIY mission

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  1. the only person on reddit to put someone else before yourself. “my wife and I” and not “me and my wife”

  2. There’s a predominant stance of hating children on Reddit, so I wouldn’t be surprised by all the hate comments. Still, I think this is a punny way to announce your new family member. Congrats!

  3. With everything going on in the world right now, can I just say, no one gives two shits about your misplaced fucking facebook posts.

  4. Took me a second but super cute after I got it. Pregnant over here too and if this wasn’t my second kid making it eight feet between us, I’d totally borrow this!

  5. Those are shoes not feet. Also the pair on the right is not between them. Also this is not even funny, ffs.

  6. I honestly can’t comprehend how people think it’s a good idea to have a child right now. We’re in the midst of a economic recession caused by a pandemic. Those two factors should be enough to make people think twice about these things. What am I missing because I don’t understand this at all? It’s neither cute or funny.

  7. Not 6 Feet. Maybe 6 inches between you two, but probably more like 3. sorry to hear your having a kid.

  8. Some tasteless fucking humor right here you dumb breeders. Amy Schumer could write funnier material than this.

  9. So one of my kids asked me: Is a pregnant lady technically a spider? Cuz they have 8 limbs.
    I love how this kid thinks!

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