Rusty Vice Restored

Rusty Vice Restored

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Written by hugo santos


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  1. That entire genre of YouTube videos seems to be non-vocal. I know that opinions vary on this, and that there are some good reasons for it, but I find it very odd that it is almost universal with restoration videos. I knew before even watching this that it would be another silent video. Does anybody know of any that talk to their audience? I will like and subscribe.

    (at least this one has some subtitles… thanks for that)

  2. So very few of these videos are real old rust. This one is a good channel, but when they have a very bright orange hue it is likely an acid bath that got them rusty all over and they were prepared before the video, together with ten other pieces that will be also be “restored” later in the future. Real multi-decade rust is dark, sometimes almost black.

    [Here is a perfect example of bullshit rust.](

  3. Oh no. I sat here a while back and watched this guys first 3 or 4 videos straight. Couldnt stop watching them. I knew i would eventually forget about the channel and come across it down the road and get stuck watching them again. I guess that time has come.

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