Samuel L. Jackson dares an interviewer to say the N phrase

Samuel L. Jackson dares an interviewer to say the N phrase

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  1. Stephen Fry said it in a documentary on taboo language. If I remember correctly it was a conversation with another comedian about growing up black in the UK and the use of slurs etc.

  2. Context and intent dont matter in 2020, many people have lost their jobs in exactly this sort of situation.

  3. So how do you people square this with the notion that the n word is racist to say in any context or with any intent. For example in Canada a tv host was suspended for saying the n word in a closed door meeting where she was specifically discussing the racist aspect of it.

  4. Anyone that thinks this is “badass” is an idiot.

    If you can’t use a word in an intellectual context, you are simply being censored for the sake of censorship.

    It’s not voldemort. It’s not Beetlejuice. It’s a word. Go read fucking Tom Sawyer

  5. This is dumb for two reasons:

    1. The interviewer does not get to choose what he can and cannot say. He works for a network which airs his interviews which decides what is aired. If he can’t say the n-word, he can’t say the n-word. Period.
    2. Believe it or not, I’ve heard rumors that Mr. Jackson does not speak for all black people. He personally may not be offended by it, but I’m pretty sure there are quite a few more people that would not be OK with a white guy saying that word in any context outside of acting.

  6. Can I just mention how much I hate the nwordcountbot? It completely ignores context and just gives you a soft and hard count of the usage. I’ve definitely used it on Reddit when discussing the word, as you should be able to use words like that in that context, but people just go “Oh no you used a hard R you racist”.

  7. For context, I got kicked out of Nextdoor a few weeks ago for using the word “spam.” So, there’s no telling how far the lynch mob will go over the slightest provocation these days.

  8. That interviewer’s question was terrible and Sam Jackson was kind of a douche in his answer. Everyone’s the asshole here.

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