Satellites and Space Junk Around Earth.

Satellites and Space Junk Around Earth. 7

Satellites and Space Junk Around Earth. 8

Satellites and Space Junk Around Earth.

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  1. Kinda misleading tbh, the satellites are not the size of texas. But I guess if you represent them to scale, you wouldn’t be able to see it, just like planets in a picture of solar system, with everything to scale you would never see the planets.

  2. Hopefully some people start making a living on a reclaiming that’s stuff. I mean that’s probably still a ways off but still.

  3. Can’t blame this on the global population! We can’t throw our trash up due to this thing called gravity!

    Now I’m going back to talking on my cellphone and surfing the internet

  4. I imagine one of those larger satellites failing or being hit by something (accidentally) creating quite a catastrophic domino effect over time.


    Maybe some pissed of nuclear nation will set off a nuke or two in the main pathways at some point too, we all know how unstable governments and military’s are.

  5. And each beautiful piece of floating crap, regardless of its weight, moves perfectly in their orbits to keep an average distance to Earth’s surface; the pieces of waste decelerate and accelerate, to be able to circle the solid ground (the planet) because the Earth, in it’s traslation around sun, escapes from them as fast as 67,108 mi/h (108,000 km/h), or 18.6 miles per second !!! It’s not a linear movement (Earth around sun draws an elliptic path), so no “inertial reference frame” is allowed here. And each floating flying piece of waste **is attracted to the Earth’s core every moment, but they never get closer,** even when they are being left behind or even if they are passing in front of the super-fast Earth-around-Sun moving orbit . It’s magic!!! No it’s not gravity, absolutely no physics can explain that (even centrifuges would stop working in our attempt to modify physics to make all of this possible); it’s pure magic or **it is nothing**.

  6. Kessler syndrome is a serious threat to our survival as a species. A true existential threat. Right up there with global climate change.

  7. The Star Link project will only add to this. For the amount of speed increase they saying, I don’t think it’s worth it.

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