Saw this yesterday…

Saw this yesterday... 6

Saw this yesterday... 7

Saw this yesterday…

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  1. Yea, I did that for a while and had to stop. I try to wash my hands with soap and water 90% of the time now instead. Rubbing alcohol fucks my skin up, hands started peeling after a few days of using hand sanitizer regularly. Now I only use it when I need to eat or something and there’s no where to wash with soap and water.

  2. Then you’re doing the pandemic wrong.

    I mean hand sanitizer is good. But you should be staying home drinking more and going out less.

  3. I had to work a tradeshow the week before Covid shut down Vegas and must have used more hand cleaner in three days than I normally did in several years. It’s the only tradeshow I’ve ever worked where I didn’t get sick. Combined with not shaking hands it seemed to have helped a lot.

  4. I swear the hand sanitizer I used the other day at this little hole in the wall restaurant was just tequila, clear gelatin, and an expired cheap perfume!

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