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  1. I find bing to be okayish.., not as good as google but it’s good enough. One-drive is annoying as fuck however.

  2. I hate Bing. I think the only reason they have any market share is due to old folks with computers having no idea how to switch from their pre-set Bing search to Google.

  3. I always secretly hoped it hurt Bings feelings when I navigated to google to search things. Sometimes I open bing at work just to load google and X out

  4. For some reason my computer changes from google to bing for no reason, so then on bing I put “how to remove bing” as my way to give a big middle finger for changing my search engine to bing.

  5. i like that how to remove onedrive is the second option because onedrive is a fucking piece of shit

    i once accidently deleted all my desktop icons because onedrive was constantly saying nOt eNOUgh sPaCe and popping up with a notification every fucking minute.

    Yes i know its useful for backing up stuff on work computers but im just playing

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That is Clyde, at the moment he appears to be like like dancing Snoopy 20

That is Clyde, at the moment he appears to be like like dancing Snoopy

You wouldn't consider your eyes 21

You wouldn’t consider your eyes