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  1. Abracadabra! 🐻

    Alas, I appear with my **small channel** hanging out – come one, come all and see the mysteries and wonders my content holds! What content you ask? Why **laughter and games** (and crippling depression sometimes) is what I offer, come closer child, and gaze into my products of passion… (I mean my videos, not bodily fluids – just to be clear).


    🚀 Feast your eyes upon my latest creation, a comedy/gaming piece about **No Man’s Sky**! Sharpen your ears, and be in awe by the lovely tunes that will captivate your mind:

    **ALL STAR BASE BUILDING – No Man’s Sky Gameplay Montage – ep6**



    🔒 Fun and games too cheap to bewonder you? Enter the realm of despair and entanglement, and join me on my personal journey as I escape the clutches of **escapism** into salvation:

    **Escapism in Video Games – Told Through Two Stories**



    💎 🅱️rowse My 🅱️azaar of 🅱️ejeweling 🅱️roadcasts 🅱️here you 🅱️ozo:



    Thank you wanderer, for beholding my masterfully crafted arts, I now must be gone, and disperse into the night so I may regain my strength and bestow more pieces of cringe, *cough*, I mean content upon thee…

    Farewell child!


  2. Hey! I’m pretty new to YouTube and only have two videos on my channel which are basically just me and my friends making jokes and talking shit while playing gta.

    Would love if anyone would take the time to watch and would appreciate any feedback.

    Here’s my latest video 👉 – the quality did mess up a bit when I was exporting and it was going to be a nightmare to fix so hopefully it’s ok. If not please check out my other video.


  3. Hello r/gaming !

    I am not really that new on youtube but would consider myself still a **small streamer :)**

    What is new though is that I just finished my first video game “series” on **Alien:Isolation**

    **Shameless self promotion link** here: []( tell me what you guys think!

  4. Hello everyone!

    **I make 3D pen art and video game figurines.**

    On my channel, there are tutorials on how to make Cube Kirby, Among Us, Fall Guys, Pikmin, and Paper Mario 3D pen figurines.

    ▶️ Channel Link:
    [3D ART LAB](

    🎨 Video | [3D Pen Fall Guys – Bits Meme](

    🎨 Video | [3D Pen Cube Kirby](

    🎨 Video | [3D Pen Red Pikmin](

  5. Hello gamers and fellow content creation aspirants! I’m Pixel Voyager; a humble explorer of the infinite multiverse of video games.
    (I’m a new variety guy)

    I’ve recently returned from my maiden voyage to the world of Terraria!
    (I just finished my first full series)

    We’re in need of new crew members, and these help wanted posters aren’t helping at all…
    (My channel’s small and I still suck with SEO)

    Interested parties can click here for more information:

    Or check out this montage of my first experience with Supreme Calamitas:

    Thanks for your time, and good luck out there fellow small creators!

  6. Hey guys, I just started my own blog about all things Video Games, Anime, Manga (and occasionally Indie Music and Movies) Feel free to check it out here: []( @Y2K.SAVVY on Instagram, or recommend me new games to play XD

  7. Hey there, my channel is called [Is It Worth a Sandwich?]( We find the cross section of food and video games, where we compare a game to a sandwich and tell you which is better.

    We also make and review nerdy and niche cocktails On Drinks from The INTERNET! we make and review nerdy and niche cocktails. If you are a fan of [Gravity Falls](😉 and alcohol I have just the episode for you. The cocktail “The Summerween Trickster” was especially good.

    If you like Dungeons and Dragons and other TTRPGs you should check out our animatics. [The Room of Doppelgangers]( is about my favorite home made puzzle and [What Genre is Your Game?]( about the importance of setting your players expectations for your game.

    Occasionally we make fun one off videos like [2020 summed up in Futurama](, [My Problem With Mario 64](, [Guessing Pokemon from their Gen 1 Back Sprites](, or [The Trouble With Time Travel in Animal Crossing](

    If any of these sound good you should check us out.

    Thanks and have a great day!

  8. I recently started some streaming on twitch and uploading clipped down versions of the videos onto YouTube. So far I’ve been doing a lot of call of duty with friends, but have also done a few others. Was quite proud that over my weekend from work I managed to clip some streams from the past week and have a video scheduled to post at noon each day through Wednesday. Really proud of my minimally skilled edit work on my playthrough with commentary of five nights at Freddys video and have a 2nd one going up on Monday.

    Thecurlyone gaming –

  9. Hello, my name is MegaManMovieManiac! I just started a brand new channel in which I plan on challenging myself to live stream EVERY SINGLE MEGA MAN GAME in MARCH.

    Here is my link if anyone is interested, I look forward to having fun interacting with my chat I while complete this Mega Man March Madness challenge.


  10. Hello, Thanks for your Time in Reading this, I’m FloVoke, and I put most Emphasis on making content Which have never been attempted before. I make Raps Based on Games, Game Characters, Features, Normal Raps, Normal Unique Gameplay Challenges, Music Challenges, Unique Art & Sketching Videos, Funny Animations, and a whole Bunch. Trying out new things is Never a Bad Decision, so if you feel intrigues and enjoy what I do, consider trying my New Channel and Subscribing, you won’t regret it, and you can always Unsubscribe if you do.


    Here’s my Channel –

  11. Hello! I make informational gaming videos to entertain, educate and raise awareness to my viewers.

    I recently did a lot of Little Nightmares II videos and one of them is almost at 10,000 views in 3 days! Impressive for a small channel like mine.

    A lot of the videos I make are PS5 related, and are made to educate people on certain subjects or news pieces.

    Here is my channel link:

    See you in my comments section soon! 💜

  12. Hey everyone! I’m having my first official stream today at 2 PM Est!! I will be doing blind play throughs of games every Saturday, and then once a week I will stream Among us and ACNH! I will be streaming on Twitch under LadyDelphi. Hope you enjoy!! 😊😊

  13. Hey everyone! You guys can call me Ronnie! I play lots of fighting games, mostly Tekken and I main Kunimitsu! I’ve been content creating (making videos and streaming) on and off for about a year or two now, but I’m just now starting to be more consistent! I would love it if you’d check out my channel! Thank you in advance if you’ve stopped by! ☺️
    [Youtube channel](

  14. Hey everyone how are you doing. I started a youtube channel about a month ago and it is doing ok. I like playing Warzone and try to make some content around that I also jump into new games as well, just finished hitman 3 and I cannot wait for Outriders.

    The reason you should check out my youtube channel is simple I am just starting and am willing to go what ever direction people are looking for so stop by check out a few videos give me some honest feedback, just telling me the video was pretty good is not doing me any favors.

    Warzone FFAR/Kar98 highlight video(newest video) [](

    Channel link: [](

    Thanks and have a great one.

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