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  1. Hey all. I started a Strategy Gaming related blog called [StrategyFront]( My first posts were about [Endless Legend]( and [Total War Saga Troy](

    I’m going to be doing a lot of in-depth look backs at strategy games like Company of Heroes, Starcraft, and Civilization.

    Let me know what you think and if you have any ideas on what to cover next!

  2. I have a gaming channel. If you want to check it out. Short form vids are moments that happen in multi-player games with friends. Long form vids are fighting game sets that I have.


    I also have a twitch steam that I have been using a bit more often recently.


    Thank you if you decide to check it out.

  3. Hello everyone, I’ve kind of taken a different spin on content creation and started making medium-high effort analysis of the gaming sphere as a whole over the last month.


    If you’re interested in things like what games are popular, how they became popular, and what we can expect for the future of gaming feel free to check some of them out! I’ve taken a lot of inspiration from Game Theory as a channel and try to check to make sure nobody else has covered the same topics that I have, and spend a lot of time researching how gaming has become the way that it is today.


    There are some montages hidden in there too, but I intend to release a new video each week on topics that I hope people are interested in.

  4. I’m very small it’s YT_illusion_TTV but I’ve basically given up since nobody watched me I usually stream from 8 to 10:30

  5. Just generally bad at games and things always go wrong.

    I have been making videos for my friends for years just to keep memories alive etc.

    This is my channel

    Made this Stalker vid a couple of weeks back which more than just my friends seemed to enjoy.

    Got no interesting catchphrase or hip greeting.
    Anyway, if you find it interesting and good, try and watch a few more videos and if you really enjoy it – Subscribe.

  6. Hi guys my name in youtube is birolord. I just started doing vids last month and i post about warzone, r6 and monster hunter world and maybe i will added more in the library, its not so much of a content just playing the games and tries to win XD. So please if anything that you would like to comment or give some tips please do because i want to improve it.

    Heres the link :

    Owh and i dont have friends to play with 🙁

    Please subs and likey XD


  7. Well, uh, i make videos about TF2, there is my only video. But i hope you’ll like it and i will make more of those.

    Id like to know your opinion about my video. Any criticism will come in handy. Thanks for your attention!

    The video –

  8. Hi!

    Me, Hel, and friend, Sid, have launch our own gaming YouTube channel in January, we’re French but you’ll find both English AND French on our channel because I love indie games and they’re often in en without fr so I adapt.
    My friend is more on the horror part of the game spectrum, if that’s your jam!

    Here is the link, I’d love for a bunch of you to go see it to give me some feedback, we need feedback ^^

    [Hell & Sid](

    See you!

  9. Hello, my YouTube username is L0n3w01f and I have been uploading VR gaming videos for about 2 months. I have things like Pavlov, Beat Saber, and QuestZDoom on my channel

    I only have 4 subscribers and get around 3-6 views if lucky. Most I have on a video is 12

    Here’s the link to my channel

    I could use more views and subscribers. I’ve even gotten recognition from another VR gamer by the name of Drummer151

  10. Hey guys, it’s ya Boi, BigBear ?!

    I make comedy / gaming videos which are supposed to be funny but appearently they are not since NO ONE IS WATCHING them.

    I’m currently working on a series on my experiences in No Man’s Sky, so far there are 2 episdes out – the latest is:

    SHIP REPAIR AND ANIMAL BUDDIES – No Man’s Sky Gameplay Montage – ep2


    and the first one was:

    FINDING MY SHIP (and dying) – No Man’s Sky Gameplay Montage – ep1


    You can find the rest of my videos (mostly indie game stuff like Katana ZERO, Dead Cells, etc.), on my channel page here:


    Thanks for checking it out, please let me know if you liked it or not, and stay hydrated bois! ?

  11. A bit late to the party, but if you’re a fan of terrible things then you may enjoy my YouTube channel, Makraw, where I read the worst fan fiction on the net

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  13. Twitch is I’m GXG3 this has been my dream for awhile now and my parents don’t believe in me. I at least want to reach affiliate so I can have a reason for my parents to let me keep streaming

  14. I have a channel called tidal wave that I am just getting into posing on. I have one video of phantom forces that is super low quality but I am working on more better vids

  15. What is up my fellow reddit family. I am a small streamer AND YouTuber trying to make some people laugh. Me and my friends play GTA and yell at eachother we just posted our first video here.

    I ALSO make Minecraft Survival Let’s Plays and I am working on a Kingdom Hearts 3 ( I know I am so late to the party) and uploading a full playthrough. The name is itzzSoySauce

    I hope we can all grow and build eachother up. Best of luck. Stay Saucy!

  16. Hi everyone! My name is “Eagle” . I have a gaming channel called Str8Botz with my friend “Dozer”. I know what you’re thinking another Gaming channel ? in a world that’s oversaturated by gaming channels we stand out a little. I live in a bus and I game off grid full-time! My setup is ran off the sun. Dozer is in the process of becoming off grid too so we are a completely off grid channel. We chose the name because we are straight up Botz and suck at every game we play but we embrace how bad we are ??. We hope you guys check out our Channel! Thanks for anyone who reads all this!

  17. Me and some friends have a small channel named Wuanjick. We mostly stream but havent done anything in a bit but we’re planning to stream in a bit. We live in the philippines so we might say some things that y’all probably wont understand but give us a shot and we’ll try to entertain you

    Look under your bed, check your closet, inspect your windows, we are watching you. Wuanjick is eternal.
    (our channel description)

    Channel: [Wuanjick ](

  18. I’m a small YT’er called SlipStreamStorm, I mainly do valorant, planning on doing some CS, did a Rogue company video, and I’ve been doing alot of editing lately. [here is my latest .exe video](
    This style of editing takes an awfully long time to make, and I would love for it to at least make some people smile.

  19. My channel is just about playing games, maybe small vlogs like fishing. Just mostly games though, I will be posting other games though.

    Channel: CommanderCodyStudios
    Icon: Cody’s helmet with black background

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