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Seriously though

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  1. I know a lady who did it. They try to retrain them in a different specialty to keep them in the system since they paid money to have them trained. So, if the dog fails say service dog they try sniffer dog or maybe just therapy dog not specialized for a physical disability. But it may be to the point some dogs just don’t work out any place.

  2. Most of the dogs that didnt have the temperament for government work were reassigned as emotional support/ seeing-eye/ etc.

  3. My grandparents dog was one of these dogs. They abused here because she wouldn’t listen and my grandparents adopted her. When they got her you could see her rips through her skin because they starved her. It was very upsetting. But now she’s good.

  4. I think they mean the everyday person. Im sure they were going to different departments or something with a limited access to get.

  5. They would likely be given to CCI or Guide Dogs of America for training. It hurts to have to give up a dog. Currently I’m having to rehome my dog because he can’t be a service dog and it’s devastating

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