Sharing water with a cobra

Sharing water with a cobra

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  1. Here’s a bit of Cobra randomness for you. King cobras actually make a nest for their eggs (often in a hollow in the ground, then covered with leaves) which they will aggressively defend. They are the only snake in the world to actually build a nest for their young. Just before the babies are hatched the mother will instinctively leave the nest to combat the urge to eat her own babies. I bet you didn’t know cobras are, in their own way, fantastic mothers.

    Edited for clarification

  2. >One of the men seen in the video giving water to the snake is CN Naykka, the Deputy Range Forest Officer of Karwar forest range. He had rescued the cobra along with snake expert Raghavendra
    >The forest officer also said that **this is the mating season** and cobras wandering around the area was a common occurrence, which happens almost every year.
    >“**Whenever a snake wanders into civilian-populated areas, we first offer it water. There is nothing sensational about it.** The Kali River, which runs through the Karwar Forest Range is flush with water and so are the backwaters located near the Kaiga Power Plant. During summer, many different birds and animals come for water including cobras,” Naykka added.

    – [Real Story Behind King Cobra Drinking Water](

    Still a better love story than Twilight.

  3. Fun fact, when a cobra is up in that position, it is almost impossible for them to actually land a strike with a bite. From that position they also like to bluff a lot, meaning as they are striking their mouth is actually closed.

    Out of all the snakes I have worked with, cobra’s are the most derpy.

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