Silence is Actually a Sturdy Language

Silence is Actually a Sturdy Language 7

Silence is Actually a Sturdy Language 8

Silence is Actually a Sturdy Language

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  1. As funny as this might be, these aren’t just decorative people for tourists to be stupid around. They are the queens guard, and actual, highly trained soldiers. They will take you down for general fuckery.

    Also, those guns are loaded. Just sayin’

  2. Is that even funny? That guy didn’t appear to be in on the “joke”. Maybe he’d like to be treated like a human and not like a lifeless statue.

  3. More tiktok bullshit. What happened to just standing and having your photo taken with a royal guard and to be respectful. She probably has no idea why he’s there or how much he’s had to achieve in order to be where he is. She’s a first class prick

  4. As a former royal guard, i can 100% say that this guy is just hating his life and really does not want to deal with her bullshit.

    Though i do find it a bit odd that he let her get that close to him. We had a circle denoting our ‘personal space’.

  5. Just let me say this once.

    Do not mess with the queen’s guard!

    The moment they decide you are impeding their duty or present a threat they will do something about it and it probably won’t be delicate!

    These guys aren’t primarily a tourist attraction, if they were they wouldn’t have modern military rifles. They are active soldiers on sentry duty. In addition to the usual guard regiments at various times the guard have actually been provided by the Gurkhas and Royal Marine Commandos and if you know anything about either of those groups you will understand they take what they do particularly seriously.

    By all means take a photo, but let them do their job without interference.

  6. The stomp and switching of the gun from the off shoulder to the active shoulder is the clear “Fuck off before I lay you out cold.” signal. Luckily this woman was smart enough to realise this and stopped. I’ve seen clips of guardsmen full on screaming at a person who just kept annoying them. No corse language or ranting just a single rage filled scream before turning around and marching off (presumably to be either relieved of their position or duty for the day or to be disciplined by their CO for losing their cool).

    More people need to realise that while yes they do look funny these guys protect the QUEEN and her family. They’re not some tourists attraction, they’re some of the best trained soldiers in the world who have the authority to eliminate anything or anyone that can be perceived as a threat to the queen and the royal family. While they won’t put you in the ground for pissing them off they will certainly lay you out cold if you piss them off enough. Provided they don’t simply stab you with their bayonets.

  7. I think a lot of people that try to mess with these guys are fellow Americans so I’ll say this:
    These guys are the equivalent of marines that joined the secret service. It’s not a good idea to do something super dumb near the white house, so don’t do it there. Idk how it is in the UK, but here in America, you can be shot for hopping a fence on a lot of federal territory without any sort of warning from a military base to the Hollywood sign. I would assume the same when traveling to the UK or any country. I’m not 100% sure, but I’m willing to bet the royal guards are trained to deal with tourists, so take a picture near them, maybe crack a joke to see if they’d smile, then leave them alone. The royal guards are certified badasses and can take you down without having to think much about it.

  8. Fucking obnoxious.

    He’s just some 24 year old guy doing his fucking job. Would she fuck around with some guy driving a truck for a living? Or some guy working in a store? Or a guy repairing a car?

    Yes, their outfits are anachronistic and one of their duties is to remain unflappable. But leave these people alone. A polite nod is the most anyone should offer these people who are fucking working for a living.

  9. It’s like someone coming to your day job just to try and relentlessly distract you for no other reason than their own curiosity

  10. Superb level of restraint demonstrated by the queens guard.

    Personally, I think at a photograph or at most a respectful comment should be as far as a visitor should go not demonstrating just how little you have going on in your head as this woman clearly is showing off.

  11. I do know if you make physical contact with them, even incidentally, they’re allow to respond with utmost vigor and I thought she’d done just that. NGL, when he started moving to bring the rifle to shoulder, I thought she was about to catch a rifle butt to the face with authority because he’d felt her coat brush his sleeve.

    …and I’m genuinely disappointed that she didn’t. These guys catch so much shit from stupid tourists (including **many** idiots from my own nation) that it’s pathetic. People know they’re required to remain unfazed and stoic and they abuse that requirement.

    I suggest a simple solution; I fish a lot and some fish have a “creel limit”, meaning you’re only allowed so many per day. Same solution for them; per day you’re allowed to choose any three annoying tourists to make an example of at your discretion. Just three, but knowing that there’s no way to know how many this particular guard has dealt with and not knowing how many “free responses” he has left for today…that’d have to impact the way tourists treat them.

  12. Humans are fucking weird.

    Like, yeah…she’s a dumb bitch. Got it. Agreed.

    But why the fuck are they still “standing guard” like that? Not allowed to speak and tell her to get the fuck away. Why does he have to where that giant fucking hat?

    What are we even doing?!

  13. These kinds of people really confuse me. One moment, they’re confident and arrogantly flamboyant , then when they grasp the attention they sought, they get embarrassed and awkwardly shuffle away like some bipolar disorder.

  14. The Queen’s Guard are real, experienced soldiers with very real, loaded and live firearms. They’re not there for your amusement. By all means, take a picture, they’re human after all, they won’t mind, but don’t faff about and be obnoxious. Be respectful.

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