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  1. Well considering that ET was created by one guy in about a months time it wasn’t too bad. If you read the instructions the game made more sense.

    Pac Man on the other hand for the Atari 2600 was one of the worst big name game at the time, the arcade games where incredibly popular and people wanted to play it at home just to be met with massive disappointment.

  2. Day 1 patches are fine, for a tune up. All single player games should be in a completed playable state by the time it is released on disk, or it should be delayed until then. You shouldnt need internet to make a disc playable when you bought it for 60 dollars.

  3. This particular game is the “back in the day” equivalent of those shitty games on steam that cost $2.30 made by one guy.

    If you want a fair comparison to modern day AAA titles you have to compare it to something like Super Mario World.

  4. As a kid, I thought maybe theres something I dont understand and that would make the game better. Lol I was so wrong.

  5. This is a total misrepresentation of how the video game industry evolved. Yes, E.T. was shit along with many other Atari games of the same era and then the video game industry crashed. All the publishers that pumped out shit got burned, along with other publishers who might have given a shit about quality.

    Then Nintendo brought the industry back from the dead in ’86 and enforced *strict* quality control on every title that was released on their platforms because they learned from the mistakes made by the likes of Atari. The period between ’86 and about 2005 had good quality control. I say 2005 is the end of that period because that’s when I started to notice quality starting to wane, around the time the xbox 360 came out. Other’s may be able to pinpoint the time more accurately.

    So yeah, this meme is lame. “Gamer:” is correct and *not* wearing nostalgia goggles. There was a time when quality was taken very seriously.

  6. Are we setting the bar this low now? “At least it isn’t as bad as E.T. for the Atari!”

    That’s not exactly a point in Cyberpunk’s favor if that’s all you can come up with.

  7. This is also pure nonsense. In the 90s popular games were very often patched after release. Sometimes it would be a second release with a new version, sometimes you would find a patch disk in the box, sometimes you could register for their BBS and download patches on your 9.6k baud modem for the low low cost of a two hour out of state phone call, often there would be a registration card to fill out and mail so that the developers could send you patches when they became available. There were some extreme examples. Like *Kings Quest VII* was so poorly received because of the awkward interface and buggy animations, Sierra re-wrote large parts of the engine and UI, then re-released it as *Kings Quest VII 2.0*.

  8. I think that gamers would be less critical of day one patches and broken games if they didn’t generally find the time to cram in microtransactions and tons of artificial time/money gates.

  9. No, games should be finished on release. Don’t give me a game that you have to constantly be fixing for the next 2 years after you release it.

  10. Back in the ps2 days, it was no real guarantee a game was “finished” on release. If a game had a game breaking bug, well.. your SOL. Patching didn’t exist for consoles at the time so guess you start over or hope you could make multiple saves.

  11. There were no patches. There were just 12 different versions of the same game that you bought over and over again if you wanted all the bugs fixed and the latest update. Looking at you Ultimate Super Hyper Turbo Ultra Street Fighter 2: Champion Edition.

  12. Nah, stop trying to flip this back on itself. The gaming industry is a fucking mess these days. The passion is (mostly) gone.

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