Simply An Common Night time At McDonald’s Ellenbrook.

Simply An Common Night time At McDonald's Ellenbrook. 7

Simply An Common Night time At McDonald’s Ellenbrook.

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  1. So many questions.

    Q. Why is he driving a car with the plates ALFAGIRL?

    Q. Why is he drinking Corona while driving?

    Q. Is it safe to drive wearing thongs?

    Q Why didn’t the other driver lock their door?

    Q. Why does she keep getting out of the car?

    Q. Why is she filming him drive across the bushes?

    Q. Do they have a joint TikTok?

    Q. How many times has this been reposted?

  2. That looked like me in GTA 5 before I knew how to pick up prostitutes by honking at them.. every lady got a horn toot.

  3. I’m thinking that the reason he went through the bushes is that he was worried the other dude had called the police for assaulting him and decided to high tail it out of there.

  4. Fucking Ellenbrook.

    Used to build houses out there in my younger bricklaying days, we used to call it Hellenbrook because it was always fucking hot as fuck with a sea breeze that never fucking arrives. Trudging around in what felt like soft boggy molten sand.

  5. I was once stopped at a traffic light and a dude got in my backseat and demanded I drive. After awhile of pants shitting terror, he asked me to buy him lunch. I pulled over and left my car at a busy busstop and ran. He eventually got out. I then bought a pint of booze.

  6. I realized because this is in Auz, that the passenger side is actually his driver’s side. In my mind, I saw a passenger get out, and go assault another passenger, which made no sense to me because I imagined the driver’s side was left and it was the left-side driver, honking his horn. But yes, I realized what’s going on when I watched it again and realized it’s in Australia, lol.

    The license plate also says “alfagirl” on the subaru, which makes me believe he’s driving her car, and that also looked like a bottle of Corona in his hand? So you’re drinking and driving your gf’s car, and assaulting people, that seems cool.

    At the end, it looked like she was filming with her camera phone, which explains the bright flash she’s holding up. I wonder if she’d told him to drive out over the curb and thought it would be a funny video, but part of me thinks they had an argument about him assaulting someone, and she jumped out and began filming because she was scared for her life, why else would you be in the line at a drive-thru, then suddenly change your mind and drive out over the bushes?

    So much happening here. If you’re the type of asshole to assault random people, you’re probably also the type of guy to hit your girlfriend when you’re angry and arguing about stuff. I hope she’s ok.

  7. Another insecure girl. I dont know about USA but in EU you can go (rightly so) to jail for something like this (assault)

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