Simply straight up disrespectful

Simply straight up disrespectful

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  1. This man really disrespecting Nintendo like that? And 100+hrs is still a lot, sorry people actually know how to manage their time better and actually have a life outside of only games.

  2. “Mario isn’t a real game”

    And for one of you, the darkest pit of hell has opened to swallow you whole. So don’t keep the devil waiting, jerk

  3. What a hypocrite, he’s saying all games need to be challenging, so that means he’s never done well at any game ever

  4. Lmao pokemon kickstarted most people’s love for gaming. It was accessible to kids and it was fun and even hardcore gamers still pick up the new pokemon games because they are still enjoyable.

  5. As long as you enjoy what you are playing, you have a gamer heart. Obviously, not everyone enjoys the same games, but if someone plays some else then what you’re playing, it doesn’t make them any less of a gamer

    Game is Game

    And to that “Dear all women” gender doesn’t matter, the fun you have does

    If someone doesn’t have enough space on their computer’s to download a game, they are more than free to do in on their phone, as long as it makes them happy, is a good wat to spend your time

  6. people like this aren’t gamers. If you don’t accept other people, then as a whole we don’t accept you.

  7. Wait….. so thaat means the 9000 hours i put in to minecraft is bullshit????? Woahhhhh i wasted my time. Not like i have the money for a ps4 lmao

  8. Who gave you the right to decide who a is a gamer or not, you can be a gamer even if you just play suduku on your phone

  9. Bro, games are for fun, as long as you are having fun, no matter what console, or game, you are a gamer. What he is, is a professional gamer. He does not know the difference.

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