Sleep bad. Fiber good.

Sleep bad. Fiber good. 7

Sleep bad. Fiber good. 8

Sleep bad. Fiber good.

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  1. As someone learning 3D modelling I don’t think that’s the kind of detail that Pixar employees would be struggling with, it’s probably one of the easiest in fact. Hair and the movement of the characters’ clothing is by far the most difficult thing to get right, and I can guarantee there were many late nights on just those two elements.

  2. Animator: Can we make the shirt polyester?

    Pixar: No you fucking can’t! He only wears 100% cotton shirts and I want to see every fucking fiber of it!

  3. yeah thats cool and all, but what about the guy that made sure Mr. Incredibles bulge was consistent in every scene?

  4. round of applause for the employees, i dont think i have anything that detailed within me 😩👏👏

  5. I did a little teddy bear with similar fibers …fuck it …fuuuuuuuuuuuuck that … took fucking 15 hours to render fucking 3 seconds of video, and then i deleted the video because it was crap 😀

  6. As an animator I smell war flashbacks, I’m gonna go draw in my closet while eating pie for 3 hours. Call me back never.

  7. As a 3D designer, I can tell you that it can be done fairly quickly with particles and a texture, the UV unwrapping to get proper proportions, well that’s a different story.

  8. Pixar IMO is the last great movie company, that hasn’t gone the route of quantity over quality. They might not put out movies that often, but when they do the animation is unparalleled. They. just all look so good, and most of them are really great at being watchable for kids and adults.

  9. I mean it could be done in 10 mins by downloading a free pbr texture of fiber, and adding hair by using a particle system and randomising the shape and rotation

  10. I wish I could enjoy this meme but my american brain can’t get past “working day”. I need a lobotomy STAT.

  11. Now this…Is a relief…Now i know that i watched good quality films when i was younger.

  12. Pixar animations are always the best and very detailed. The story can be weird but the animation is always top tier.

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