So long partner…

So long partner... 7

So long partner... 8

So long partner…

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  1. Salute comrades. For we have lost one of our greatest soldiers.
    We salute you in honor of your memeory, salute cat.
    You will be forever missed

  2. Does anyone actually have any evidence that it passed away? Because I think this is just karma whoring. (From a different post that said the same thing earlier, not this post.)

  3. u/Baked_tater_ can you provide a source for this claim? I see nothing on Twitter or Google. So you’re just making this up for Karma whoring purposes correct?

  4. stop saying meme cats are dead the same thing happend with the loops cat and it was ok if there isnt any confirmed source for this assume its fake

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I feel old

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Always bet on the Choncago Balls.