Someone abandoned their slimfast in the candy aisle.

Someone abandoned their slimfast in the candy aisle.

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  1. No joke, shit like this was some of my only fond memories of working retail. My favorite one was someone hid a pregnancy test behind the queso dip. Decisions were made.

  2. The day, the diet died…

    I was singing, bye bye, my American thighs,

    Pushed my cart through the mart watching my will power die.

    And those age ol’ cravings were yearning for smarties and pie

    Singin’ this’ll be the day I get wide,

    This’ll be the day i get wide.

  3. Used to work at walgreens. My favorite – and now the only one I can remember – purchase was a book called *Beating Diabetes* and 2 20-something ounce backs of M&M’s. Unlike the person in your pic, that person was getting the best of both worlds.

  4. People who abandon their rejected shopping items in the wrong isle are among the scum of the earth. It will take you not even 2 minutes to walk to the isle you got it from and back you lazy corona-mask hole-cutter.

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