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  1. They say they didn’t include chargers because of environmental issues. If they’re so concerned about the environment perhaps they should stop deliberately engineering their products not to be repairable.

  2. And their phones are getting harder to repair for third parties, so more electronic trash they can’t be repaired. Environmental friendly my ass

  3. “we don’t include a charger in the box for the enviroment”

    “But I don’t have an apple charger, especially with fast charging”

    “24,99$ for normal and 34,99$ for fast charging”

    Seriously, chargers included in the box is better for enviroment because to make a box for separate charger you need to produce cardboard and plastic apple stickers

  4. MAN FUCK APPLE, I love their phones but now they just get worse and worse. They removed the headphone jack ok that’s fine, removed the home button ok that’s fine, charge over a grand ok that’s fine, BUT NO CHARGER OR HEADPHONES FOR PAYING HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS FOR IT AND YOU CANT GO TO A THIRD PARTY

  5. iPhones are great and all i just hate that they normalize flagship phones with prices well over a grand. Latest iPhones before were priced at $650 and same can be said with Samsung, HTC, Sony and some other big names that aren’t around now or not as active.. sadly

  6. They say they didn’t include the charger to reduce packaging materials or something… But what are adapters packaged in then? Don’t forget the anti-repair design.

    And don’t get me wrong, I’m an iPhone user myself, but honestly nothing over 11 will be worth it.

  7. Just so you know, France is the only country in the world where there is a charger in the box (and same price).

    Because in France you can’t do these kinds of upsell with things as usefull as a charger !

    Cheers France laws !

  8. I’m an apple fanboy but the charger thing has really pissed me off! They don’t even include it in their wireless MagSafe charger ??? Wtf, I’m paying for the charger, why are you just giving me a cable with a coil and magnets attached to it!!! Fucking greedy bastards

  9. I still have my old Iphone7 and it still does solid job after almost 3 years of usage but once it breaks Im going to switch to Samsung. Apple is just overpriced bs nowadays

  10. And the shitty part is that they can keep removing features because the fan boys will still buy them even if they just get an empty box

  11. Well honestly I have millions of brick lyin around the house but I would’ve appreciated if they gave 2 cables instead of a brick cos the damn wires keep burning off the tips. They should let u choose if u want 2 wires or a wire an a brick

  12. That’s why I stopped buying Apple products. I stopped at the iphone 6. (My favorite with the 4S)

    I tried the iPhone XR it really did not like it, apple is not like before (for me, this is only my opinion).

  13. Sucks to find that out when my iPhone 6 had a shit battery. Plus no earphones (alternatively officially called Ear Pods by Apple) and one of the ways to use them is to connect a cord into the charger port and earphone jack. Not useful for charging. The older the company the more revealing the flaws are

  14. Fun fact, you can also no longer go to a 3rd party repair store and need to directly go to an apple store to get it repaired. There’s this guy who bought 2 I phone 12 and then change the caneras. So, they are still using apple made cameras. Then the canera stooped working, you can’t use face ID and everything was just shit. When he switch it back, everything works perfectly fine. So, the hardware of their phones have an ID that the phone can recognize and when it’s changed, it’s possible that apple programmed the to just act up even if it’s changed with another apple made product.

    [Here’s the video](

    Also on a side note, I do like apple’s decision to make it usbc-usbc. Why has all the other competitors not done that yet. Usbc is so superior that they should’ve made it like that. Plus, it makes plugging it in easier.

  15. You still get a lightning to us-c cord for your Macbooks and if you have a usb charger but every single old iPhone/iPod/iPad charger since 2012 still works on these iPhones. Plus any usb wall charger you have from pretty much any other device will work with an old lightning cable.

    I mean I get it… gotta hate on Apple but ultimately this is kind of a non-issue. I have maybe 20 usb wall chargers from the past 12 years from a million different devices.

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