Spanish Flu, 1918. Family Portrait.

Spanish Flu, 1918. Family Portrait. 6

Spanish Flu, 1918. Family Portrait. 7

Spanish Flu, 1918. Family Portrait.

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  1. This is actually pretty cute.

    Some reason i feel like in the early part of the century people only wanted animals in their home for a purpose like pest control and protecting livestock

    Nice to see people from that era treat their animals like family ?

  2. The Spanish flu thing freaks me out cuz I learned about it in college last year (I had heard of the Spanish flu but didn’t know how bad it was or how recent) and the documentary they showed us said that there’s no reason it couldn’t happen again. I was terrified. And two years later, wtf, here’s a very similar situation. The good news is that proportionally probably not as many people will die.

  3. I can’t tell if the cat is actually wearing a mask or if it’s just got a white spot around it’s face like that. You can see it’s lil nose so clearly…


    The reply votes are:

    Cat in a mask? | Votes
    Yes, cat has mask | 14
    No, that is cat face | 9

  4. Even these guys knew wearing masks is good prevention.

    Before you freak out: masks help keep your dirty droplets closer to you. There’s a famously prideful leader in America right now, who is more worried about what people think of “him vs. china” than doing this right.

    N95 masks—which keep virus clouds out—should be reserved for healthy medical professionals dealing with the sick. Cheap, disposable, or makeshift masks should be used by people who know they are sick, but need to interact with the world. Yes, it’s what is done in the Far East, but they are getting this shit under control. Meanwhile President “Chinese Virus” Trump is more worried about his people looking *chinesey* than giving sage instructions.

    Fuck me, I can’t even enjoy a cute picture of a cat with a surgical mask because of how badly these fuckers screwed the pooch.

  5. I’m so glad they zoomed in on the cat. I totally would have missed it. Maybe some red arrows could help as well.

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