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  1. Big surprise that a country known for lying to maintain a certain image is trying to pass the blame for a global pandemic that their regulations didn’t prevent and that their actions didn’t stop.

  2. Its like blaming white people for climate change or class disparity.


    You cant blame the guy for trying when you fall for the other examples of this same tactic.

  3. Can we cancel China?
    They had a good run but they have cause so many viruses and outbreaks and now this pandemic… lets take away their government and give it to Hong Kong… or Taiwan.. or let them split it?

    I am aware this isn’t how things work, but can it please? We all know how Hong Kong was having riots.. this would fix a lot of human rights violations that China has been trying to brush off for decades.

  4. Although it most probably originated outaide of China, as far as I know, they were responsible for spreading it faster and such, censoring reports in its early stages, among other things they’ve done.

  5. The thing is, China eat wild animals for years and years so how Is it only now they have this virus, and coincidentally, its during the US and China trade war?

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