Starship Troopers Propaganda

Starship Troopers Propaganda 7

Starship Troopers Propaganda

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  1. The commercials in Robocop are probably my favorite of any film. They share a bit of the same flow and presentation as Starship Troopers – enough to know it is Paul Veerhoven – and that is brilliant.

  2. Holy shit, so apparently this movie has been my white whale for about 20 years until now.

    It was one of the first hollywood movies I saw as a little kid on the local english channel on movie night but could not remember the name or much of the story. The only thing I remembered was a desert looking planet, spider shaped aliens and a whole lot of gore.

    For some reason this movie has forever stayed in my mind. As I grew older I had tried searching for it, I initially thought it was one of the movies from the star wars franchise.

  3. Love this movie. A fun social commentary that oddly enough went over a lot of people’s heads. Paul Veerhoven 👌

  4. This movie was perfect for me at the time. Loving starcraft it felt like the closest thing to a starcraft movie. As i got older then i got to appreciate the satire of it.

  5. eh propaganda is a negative word. just use informative video about the recent events of our great planet

  6. I liked this movie when it came out. Years later I read the book Starship Troopers which is nothing like the film version, and wished we had gotten that version as well.

  7. To me, this movie was like a far in the future RoboCop, with regards to all of the propaganda/commercials, and I absolutely loved it. I don’t know much about the book, but was~~ the god bug ~~ in it?

  8. One of the first DVDs I bought, 2001 R2 special edition. I was so miffed that the US special edition had much more extras, but still awesome compared to my VHS copy.

  9. I disliked this movie at the time. I wanted a brainless, violent alien invasion movie, and couldn’t get on board with the campy satire. I appreciated it more once I realized it was intentional. I can only think of one other movie where my expectations ruined the first viewing for me, and was much more appreciated the second time around, and that was Quills.

  10. Love this movie, it got me to read the book too, which is super cool but pretty different. You can find it online and if you’re a big fan of the movie I’d suggest giving chapter 1 a try.

  11. I’ve been thinking about American propaganda recently and I think the most egregious in the modern American age is the “We fight for your freedom” line that is so common in military propaganda.

    How in god’s name has any US conflict in my lifetime affected my freedom even a little bit? If anything, the US war on terror has explicitly restricted my freedom via things like the Patriot Act.

    My brain has essentially been broken by the fact that we went to war for two decades and spent trillions and trillions of dollars over 9/11. Meanwhile, last year, I watched my same country’s federal government do a collective shoulder-shrug over a mass death incident that was going on that will probably kill 600,000 Americans by the time it’s all said and done.

  12. Starship Troopers, the movie, not the book, is based on the implicit premise that most people would go along with fascism if the fascist regime was going against an entity that most people found to be as disgusting as Nazis found those whom it called degenerates.

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