Still one of the best games ever made

Still one of the best games ever made 6

Still one of the best games ever made 7

Still one of the best games ever made

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  1. SOJ’s enigma HOTO Tal rajas set javazon bone nec. baal runs. making a game hiding shit you dropped and hoping no one steals it before you can get back in with the character you’re transferring to

  2. Time to go kill Baal for the 2109230954901934650912098436789130324756919867235987123746517602351728351728783157689123987061529087163-09871098672310698409861th time.

  3. Recently played through Diablo 1 and 2 for the first time. I don’t even need to play the third game to know that this is Blizzard’s best series. I’ll be pumped if Nintendo actually takes up Blizzard’s offer and stick the demon in Smash

  4. Diablo and half-life were so big for me. Lol my brother and I double teamed Diablo in the first one when I was 9. meaning one of us was on potion duty while the other focused on dealing damage. I used to play Diablo2 with my dad in highschool. we played Diablo3 on console several years ago and I realized that it was the first time I played the game with my dad in a Decade. that shit is crazy.

  5. I CANNOT UP VOTE THIS ENOUGH!!!!! Honestly gotta be up there with my greatest games and the soundtrack is legendary ! I still listen while playing other games!

  6. Oh my god I still say that shit when I think about Diablo. If there’s one quote from that game I will always remember it’s good ol deckard cain’s “stay a while and listen”. And not just the words but the way he says it haha

  7. Torchlight 2 is going to be free on Epic tomorrow. It’s made by a bunch of the same people who made Diablo 2 and I prefer it to Diablo 3. Be sure to claim it!

  8. I remember just running around farming gear and gold from the higher level players in the Moo Moo Farm on battlenet lmao.

  9. 13 years old. My das surprised me with it randomly one day during visits. Cemented me into gaming for sure. God bless old blizzard and my pops

  10. I’ve tried to go back it just isn’t the same. I looked at a website that sold gear for Diablo 2. They had their prices slashed super low. Kits for characters for the best gear that they used to charge 300+ dollars for are on sale for 20 bucks. No one plays or buys this stuff anymore. If I knew now what I knew then I would have ruled the world!!

  11. Last time I tried this game my nostalgia was kicked in the nuts just like when I tried to rewatch 90’s Saturday morning shows. It was great for the time but didn’t hold up for me. Still do not regret hundreds of hours played. Maybe if Path of Exile didn’t exist.

  12. This game was my teens. I don’t regret it one bit.

    D2/LoD along with FF7 and EverQuest really sparked my love for RPGs.

    And D2 was just dark and that was great.

    I don’t know if anyone recalls NoX, but that was a dope game too.

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