Stonks crash

Stonks crash 7

Stonks crash 8

Stonks crash

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  1. Person 1: Oh so what do you collect?

    Michigan Man: VHS tapes of Shrek

    Person 1:Ahaha, why?

    ****Michigan Man: BECAUSE HE IS OUR GOD****

  2. I am a proud Michigander and can say that this is quite normal. One dude in the UP built a giant chansaw that was the size of a bus or something.

  3. I, no joke, choked on Fritos laughing at this. I almost choked to death alone in my apartment, 12/10 Great meme.

  4. Must be one of those weird quirks every hardcore rpg player must have, like collecting every sweet roll encountered in Skyrim. But instead of in the virtual world he does it irl.

  5. I have one and my mom wrote on the bottom side of it so it would be easier to find in our small shelves.

    She wrote: Schreck

    It’s my most valued possession.

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