Street Fighter Perfection

Street Fighter Perfection

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  1. One of the best gaming videos I’ve ever seen was that Daigo fight, where he blocks an entire super, responds with his own for the win and the crowd goes fucking insane.

  2. The beginning of the match makes me think of all those times where you’re about to start a rock-paper-scissors match and both of you *keep using the same moves*.

  3. That was an emotional journey. I was anxious, excited, scared and cheering. Fuck me I need a break after that

  4. The 2 players are Sakonoko and Itabashi Zangief. amazing Players in every fighting game there is. Sakonoko is known for being a combo expert, finding many combo’s and even inventing combos that he can only pull off. Sako is known as a Character Specialist, being able to use any and all characters to his advantage, finding combos of characters that even players would start using because of Sako.. Sako (Is what we call him) is also the first Capcom Cup Champion.

    Itabashi Zangief, A vet with his character Zangief. This man has shown that you can’t mess with his gief Or Abegail (Abegail is a new character for Street Fighter 5.) He has always been a fan favorite for using grapplers and trying to come out on top while using characters that are in a disadvantage. An amazing Player. Itazan got 2nd place during Capcom Cup 2018.

  5. I’ve seen this video so many times, but I’m still amazed at it. If I was one of those players, I would’ve lost it just by laughing at our mirror moves the first 15 seconds in the game.

  6. God damn it ! Perfect…but i would be pissed not being able to finish opponent off when he was on 1 % for so long

  7. I don’t play street fighter or fighting games at all but why does the stun mechanic exists? It punishes the losing player by giving the enemy a free combo. So if you are losing you lose even more. It’s just weird.

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