strolling previous folks not sporting a masks

strolling previous folks not sporting a masks

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  1. Henceforth every citizen is required by law to wear industrial-strength double sided tape on their nose.

  2. My last n95 (bought before COVID) is starting to show its age after being used and sanitized many times. Only wear it at grocery stores and airports and resort to cheap ones everywhere else. I’d love to get mask blasted a fresh one out of truckla.

  3. Awesome. I like the concept, wrong mask though. The valve protects the person wearing, not others. And glue, there should be glue!

  4. Simone, I’m begging you, produce these for commercial use! We could desperately use one at the pharmacy where I work.

  5. I would love to have a mask like that. All I have are cloth masks which do nothing for myself and fog up my glasses.

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