Tesla Autopilot reacts instantly to save from getting side swiped in the rain

Tesla Autopilot reacts instantly to save from getting side swiped in the rain 6

Tesla Autopilot reacts instantly to save from getting side swiped in the rain

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  1. That was a pretty violent swerve in the rain. Does the Tesla know if it’s raining and does it change how it adjusts for moments like this? I can imagine it aquaplaning if it did that with a slightly heavier downpour.

  2. Does anyone know if the autopilot would do this if it meant endangering another motorist? Like someone was on the other side and it ended up getting sideswiped.

  3. I saw a video the other day where this chick was straight up fucking a dude in the driver seat. It was going down the highway full speed. He wasn’t paying any attention.

  4. With all the press that a single Tesla crash gets, even though statistically it is a safer vehicle, I think posts like this to cut through the media narrative are important.

  5. If my car rapidly changed direction and I was unaware of the reason why, my non smart car trained brain would surely try to counteract the motion, even if the reaction was delayed, as I might feel I have lost some control when holding the lane, perhaps a spillage on the surface now bunged into my wheels.

    Does the autopilot system take full control away from me if I try to counter steer because – without the time to process what the smartcar is moving away from – I try and correct it to stay in my lane?

  6. I can’t wait for self driving to become the norm, and then we start getting the same people who are anti-vax in the mix:

    “Well, if everyone on the road has safe, self driving vehicles, I don’t need one!”

  7. A lot of newer cars also have autonomous emergency braking. Every car will have it by 2022. Makes it very hard to run into the back of another car. Seen a few videos of people not realizing their car has it. Collision avoidance features in general are quickly becoming standard.

  8. Good reaction but where is the intuition. large slow vehicle ahead on to the right, merging traffic, approaching a merging car in it’s potential blind spot. The car put itself in a position where it had to take avoidance.

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