Texas right now

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Texas right now

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  1. Can confirm, it’s just like this, except i haven’t had power or heat for 18 hours. Think ill be sleeping in the truck tonight.

    UPDATE: Currently 13F and sitting in truck with the dogs and lady. Still now power (obviously). But all is well, nothing life threatening here. Just fucking cold.

  2. In the 21 years I grew up in Texas, I had literally seen snow once.

    It was less than an inch. My entire family lost their minds that night. I still have the picture of my “snowman.”

  3. Haven’t had power since 3 am. Probably going to continue well into tomorrow. We were no prepared for this lol. I’m warm enough for now but this fucking sucks.

  4. I live by a fire station so have been fortunate to not have any blackouts. I went outside around noon and there were 30-40 robins in my yard that were completely freaking out so I put food out for them.

  5. Am Texan, can confirm. This strange white sky powder is totally fucking up our electrical grid right now.

    **edit:** To be clear, I’m on rolling blackouts right now, not full power outage, so I’m doing okay. Had to take a cold shower, which sucked (my tub stopper has a hole in it, so I couldn’t run a bath), but I’m only going about 30 minutes at a time without power. The “on” periods have been really random though; I counted 25 minutes for the shortest one today and about 1 hour 20 minutes for the longest. And I don’t know why people are trying to drag windmills into this. We’re not exactly a super “green” state, so I doubt wind power makes up enough of our power supply for that to be a plausible primary culprit to begin with. Plus, I’ve seen windmill blades drive down the highway; damn things are like twice the size of semi trucks. I find the idea that a little snow is grinding something that big to a halt dubious at best. I think the cold is burdening a lot of different aspects of our woefully ill-prepared electrical grid, and I don’t think wind is getting hurt worse than any other part of it.

  6. It’s negative 4 degrees here in Oklahoma. I’ve quite literally never felt cold like this in my entire life. It’s startling, it’s just so penetrating. You can really feel like holy shit, this is *dangerous*.

  7. 22 hours no power on Dallas here. In truck now trying not to freeze to death. Would get a hotel but no money, they’re all booked anyway.

  8. I’m here north of Houston and i still have this white stuff all over my lawn….I’m just not built for this lol. I can handle cutting the grass in mid August but not this. 🥶

  9. I think what a lot of people dont get about texas and this cold weather is the fact that anything south of Dallas has typical 90F-110F weather nearly year round. In South Texas we were still having 90F+ weather in January. I don’t even own a jacket much thicker than a wind breaker.

    We are really not prepared for cold weather, its like asking New Yorkers to be prepared for Volcano.

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