Thabks, mother! Love you

Thabks, mother! Love you 7

Thabks, mother! Love you 8

Thabks, mother! Love you

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  1. Once my wife told me “just do whatever you want!”. Aspergers me took it at face value was exactly like that cartoon guy, off to play video games.

    Later on I paid the price and after some reconciliation and communication learned that it was sarcasm.

  2. One christmas my parents bought me headphones and when my dad gave it to me I asked if I could open it. He said “no, I bought it just so you could stare at them.”

    I got really sad and just held them for like ten minutes til he came back and realized I took that literally and told me to open them

  3. Unironically about a week ago I was in this situation with my mom, I was being scolded about me playing video games instead of studying on weekdays , and she said “I’ll drop you out of school and just play for eternity”, me not understanding sarcasm went ahead and played anyway and 45 mins later she saw me playing, and that’s the story on how I unistalled all my games to just keep studying. I’m a dumbass.

  4. old me was like, homework? what homework the teacher gave us none and get the ass wooping everytime she finds out from my teacher

  5. Whenever my mom or dad says this I know its sarcasm even before I knew what sarcasm was because that’s too good to be true. So I just silently and guiltily go to do my homework

  6. I always sound very sarcastic even if I don’t mean to, some people react like “was that sarcasm!?” And I answer “no, I Just sound sarcastic” in a sarcastic tone and it becomes this loop of “sarcasm?” And “no sarcasm” answers.

  7. My mom used to always have to watch me do my homework cuz I’d always ignore her and play games or just make it half assed

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