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Thank you for that 6

Thank you for that

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  1. I work for a company that manages several dozen long term care facilities, and this happens more than you might think. There were three in a rural area we took over after the owner just disappeared with the company bank account (ended up later being found in the Ukraine or something). The staff continued working and buying supplies while trying to find someone who could take over and help them out.

    One of the cooks was at a grocery store buying food for the residents when their personal credit card was declined. The cashier ended up finding out what was going on, the grocery store donated food and helped with a fundraiser to donate other supplies.

    Eventually, the state government found out and got in touch with us, we were able to take over and we’ve been running all three locations ever since (5ish years).

    ETA article on the situation in OP’s picture –

  2. I am walking an old person through a password reset right now over the phone… 25 minutes and counting… just sent a password reset and he got an error “new password cannot be the same as old password” and now we’re starting over. He had accidentally closed out of the website… and again…. having trouble logging in. After having previously completing a password reset less than 10 minutes ago. Then at 26 minutes I earned roughly 5.39 cents after taxes.

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We all walk like Frankenstein. 17

We all walk like Frankenstein.

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Beagle drum