Thanks Gram ;)

Thanks Gram ;) 7

Thanks Gram ;) 8

Thanks Gram 😉

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  1. Shoutout to my great grandparents

    Never met em since they passed away while my mom was pregnant but im sure they would be awesome G grandparents

  2. No BS. When my mom and I moved out of my grandparents she said to me :”Now the grandparents won’t be around to protect you huh. Party is over”

  3. my cousin used to drive my Uncle fucking mad so he starts chasing him to whoop his ass then he hides behind my grandma’s back and she pushes my uncle back and makes him swear not to touch him. needless to say he always had a safe spot to go to if he fucks with anyone from the family (you basically had to catch him before he got to Garndma lol)

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