Thanks to these guys

Thanks to these guys

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  1. I had that last semester in my interpersonal communications class. Here’s a quick snippit to get the idea across:
    Teacher: Look, for the last time, you can’t prosecute a rape victim even if she was apart of another crime, that’s not how justice works, my lawyer friend said so!
    Me: So if they had murdered that man, who again, was not her rapist, they’d get away with it? Oh yea, sounds like justice to me.
    [Yes, this WAS about an in-class assignment.]

  2. Being that guy in class I don’t know why but nobody liked me they always stopped me by answering my whys into ‘like that only'(in our language)
    Ok at least someone else was happy around the globe?

  3. My wife once got kicked out of her English class because she claimed that Dwarves, via Dwarfism, do actually exist. They’re not magic or anything, but Dwarfism is an actual thing. The English teacher fight her _hard_ which had to be fucking uncomfortable for the kid with Dwarfism who was sitting next to her during the whole argument.

    She had to change teachers because that one wanted to give her an automatic failing grade for arguing with the teacher.

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