That is how a slinky falls to the groud in slowmo

That is how a slinky falls to the groud in slowmo

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  1. I would like to see that effect but to a greater degree. Someone should make a slinky that’s so long that it can be stretched and dropped from a freaking helicopter, and the bottom part (which would be very close to the ground, like 1 meter, or something) would look like it’s floating for a few seconds or more, until the top of the 1000 foot slinky (or longer) comes all the way down. That’d be something…

    Can someone get a Kickstarter for this going? I can’t imagine this costing more than 4000 dollars. It’ll be cool to see, plus, there’s gotta be some sort of Guinness record for that.

  2. There is a great episode of Mythbusters Jr. that explores this. They discovered the more weight at the bottom with the equal amount of weight on top causes the bottom to be suspended longer in mid air. They eventually did it with a full size car. It’s pretty awesome.

  3. Why in the world are we messing around with crap like Element 115 when obviously the secrets to antigrav tech are right there in the design of a slinky.

    How hilarious would it be when we finally meet alien life and their engines are just slinkies we’ve been playing with as toys all these years.

  4. Bernie just cause you lost the presidential race. Doesn’t mean there aren’t more productive things you could be doing than this.

  5. I think: the slinky is more or less like a spring, in a stretched position both ends are attracted towards each other and meet (almost)in the middle. In the vertical position like shown here the end at the bottom seems to hover.
    The top comes down naturally as it’s supposed to while the bottom end is also going up as a spring should but is being counteracted by gravity at the same time thus it looks like it’s hovering.
    And that’s how I explained it to my self, maybe I’m way off.

  6. My guess is both ends are moving towards each other at the same rate that the slinky is falling, which makes the top look like it’s falling twice as fast and the bottom look like it’s not falling at all?

  7. So the final coil of a slinky is what holds the key towards levitation. If we make things entirely out of that section we can finally make hoverboards.

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