That is so merciless, somebody pls name the p… Oh nevermind

That is so merciless, somebody pls name the p... Oh nevermind 7

That is so merciless, somebody pls name the p... Oh nevermind 8

That is so merciless, somebody pls name the p… Oh nevermind

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  1. Every time I see this I imagine how scary that would be to hear that in the middle of the night while in a cabin in the woods

  2. We had a macaw that learned the squeek of our front door. Her living area was also near the front door, and our bedroom door was nearby. We learned this at 3am. We thought someone was coming in and out of the front door.

  3. My yellow nape also does a perfect mimic of baby cries. I was on the phone once with the insurance company while she was going off. Agent said theyd call back later so I could take care of the baby. “No baby. That’s just my crazy bird.”

  4. One of the funniest stories I heard was, a much longer version, from this mom who had both a teenage daughter and a parrot. She would yell the kids name often enough the bird picked up exactly how to say it with the same kind of shout. So the bird would just fire off randomly throughout the day “Jammmmmey!”, and the daughter would yell “What?!”. Then the mom would yell “What?!”. And around and around they‘d go.

    Some say they are still yelling to this day.

  5. Giving the bird attention is rewarding.

    To me this comes off as positive reinforcement.

    Besides that though it’s pretty impressive.

  6. I had a friend who had a parrot and a dog. The dog was extremely well behaved but would only respond to her dad. The parrot knew this so imitated her dad’s voice to wind up the dog. He used to wait until everyone was busy then shout orders at the dog like sit, lay down, stop, go. At random points in the day we would hear ” sit, stupid dog”, “lay down, stupid dog” and then thundering of her dad running to tell the bird off and get the dog away. Every time her dad would say stupid bird and the bird would reply stupid man. Then the bird would sit and wait for his next chance to get to the dog. The parrot also sat on the kitchen side every meal time asking us to “give me some” until her dad would get fed up and shut the bird in his cage where he screamed the whole time until his door was opened. I found this bird hilarious, her mum loved the bird but her dad hated it.

  7. This is super creepy. Imagine walking down a street in the middle of the night, hearing this with a loud echoe and suddenly a bird is flying towards you, crying and coming out of nowhere.

  8. We had an African Grey…it is so surprising how much they pick up on. Laughing, cell phone ringtone, door creaking, zippers, various parts of conversations such as when mom would be in the kitchen abd ask if we wanted this or that and he would answer yeah, sure. Or when people would knock at the door and he’d hello. The phone would ring and he would start talking like he answered it Hello? Oh hi, yeah, haha My dad used to wake me in the morning for school and would walk through the living room to my bedroom door and holler at me to wake up. After awhile the bird would see him walk into the living room and would do the hollering for him. And this is just the stuff we didn’t TEACH him to say.

  9. Imagine the guy loading this thing to the cargo bay of the plane- it might caused shenanigans and unessesary attention from airport authorities

  10. But wait, dont parrots mimic voices they keep hearing regularly; this means that the kid cries like this on a regular basis

  11. …so my past girlfriend.. could make this crying child noise perfectly. Whenever it came up in even the most remote way, even around others.. I knew it. I would just close my eyes and she would make the noise. It was so errie but accurate.

  12. The more I hear parrots mimicking sounds, the more I realize that they would be absolutely terrifying if they were bigger

  13. When I was younger and people wanted to know why I had dogs and no kids I would say ,” as far as I know it’s still legal to put my dog in a crate and leave the house !”

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