That might be humorous

That might be humorous 7

That might be humorous 8

That might be humorous

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  1. Lot of sisters and brothers adopt their younger siblings when their parents are junkies or dead. But you do need a steady income and a permanent residence to be even considered.

  2. Might not work, but the state I live allows adoptions up until 19. So 18 year olds can still technically be adopted if they choose. A court has to decide it so I don’t know if they’d allow an 18 year old to adopt an 18 year old, but I really wanted to do it with my friend!

  3. Imagine living in a adoption center with your brother and you 1year older than him. When you turn 18 you just adopt him

  4. This sounds like a 70’s-80’s sitcom: “What happens when a 18-year-old Millionnaire Computer Nerd adopts a 17-year-old Never-do-well? Find out next Wednesday 8-7 Central on

    *Teenage Dad, Teenage Son*”

    —- *Teenage Dad, Teenage Son* has been cancelled after 3 episodes*—-

  5. Not exactly adoption, but my mom went to prison when I was 17 and even though i wasn’t living with her I was going to end up detained until I aged out at 19. My bestfriend happened to turn 19 and was able to take guardianship of me to prevent that. 13 years later and he still calls himself my father, so choose wisely 2 years of juvie or a lifetime of terrible dad jokes.

  6. It’s not super uncommon for siblings in child abuse situations. The younger kids still need a legal guardian, so sometimes the older siblings can adopt them.

  7. This is actually funny , in my friend group there is one who is older than the rest , so when he’s 18 , most of us are 17 and one 16 , we are planning on him adopting us all cause why not lmao

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