That Million Dollar Win like a boss

That Million Dollar Win like a boss 6

That Million Dollar Win like a boss

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  1. The odds are really low to win. It’s kinda crazy only 3 people have done it and they were 2008, 2013, & 2014. The shows been on for over 42 years..
    First, you have to hit the million dollar mark on the big wheel (a 1-in-72-chance). After that happens, you must then solve the word puzzle to go into the bonus show. Then, you must spin another wheel in hopes of hitting the million dollar mark! That one is a 1-in-24 chance.
    When I saw this first, I just thought how the producers must have been on the edge of their seats when the dial stopped on the envelope, relief when she basically got no letters, and then awe when she blurts out the answer first thing.

  2. How to cheat:

    $ cat /usr/share/dict/words | egrep -i ^t[bdfhijkoquvwxyz][bdfhijkoquvwxyz]g[bdfhijkoquvwxyz]$
    $ cat /usr/share/dict/words | egrep -i ^[bdfhijkoquvwxyz][bdfhijkoquvwxyz]r[bdfhijkoquvwxyz][bdfhijkoquvwxyz][bdfhijkoquvwxyz]t$

  3. Vanna has said that Pat knows where the million dollar envelope is on the wheel and that she can tell by his expression/body language when the player lands on the envelope. I always try to see if I can pick up on the non-verbal cues.

  4. Lmfao, whatthefuck! Totally not a “thing” and she got like ONE letter out of all her choices. He didn’t even have time to finish saying “this looks tough” before having to give her a million dollars. That was fuckin nuts

  5. I like that Sajak just picked streamers off the ground and put it around her neck. Funny how during this big moment for the show, he does this silly little impromptu thing.

  6. Sajak yelling out “WHAT?!?” when she got it reminds me of Jackie Moon yelling “NO!” when the full court shot goes in.

  7. She likely found the word “TOUGH” first. T__G_, and someone good with word puzzles will guess the end is likely T__GH, then knowing that A is not in the word.. it’s not too difficult to guess “TOUGH”. Workout was a bit of a lucky/good guess, but makes sense because she said she works out. It was just surprising it was the first guess. The real luck was landing on that million card.

  8. When they made the RSTLNE letters for the final puzzle do you think the dude was super fucking high and just finished a RL Stine book?

  9. Am I the only one who hears her say “You too” after the host says “Spin it” you know just like I would if I ever was on a gameshow

  10. This is one of those, “How the F did she guess” that moment that happens once in a lifetime. Hers happened to be for a million dollars but I once saw someone guess, “How Stella got her groove back” with nothing but a clue that it was 6 words on the first try while play Charades, equally impressive but no reward.

  11. She used the negation strategy. She ruled out the letters that might indicate other words. First, she took out vowels ‘e’ and ‘a’, so she knows only ‘i’, ‘o’, and ‘u’ are left (maybe a ‘y’). She also knows to take out the named consonants. It’s a great trick if you can process information that way, which I cannot. Awesome player, as even Sajak admitted. And she got it immediately on the first try. Amazing.

  12. Literally have never seen anyone win that until just now lol those people are clapping in the crowd like, “that bitch.” Lol 😆

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Its the best

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