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  1. Can someone explain the oil to pc panel 🤨

    Edit: It only takes one person to answer the question but good job all 500 of you

  2. Not trying to be a downer but oil comes from giant alge blooms and other organic sediment that settles, gets covered, chemically changes eventually over a long ass period of time, then becomes oil. But I like your post, not trying to hate on it, just spread a lil knowledge.

  3. Man imagine becoming goop that is used to make machinery that is in turn used to simulate a version of your own existence for entertainment purposes.

  4. Would be cool if the last panel was this fancy PC sequencing dinosaurs’ genome and then boom, we have real dinosaurs again

  5. Meteors killed the dinosaurs with massive amounts of heat.

    ARK Survival Evolved at max settings will kill lesser PCs with massive amounts of heat.

    tldr: heat is a great way to murder things

  6. Ark has been a huge part of my life, man. So I thank the dinosaurs for allowing us to make computers to play games about surviving with dinosaurs.

  7. It hasn’t been long enough for dinosaurs to form into oil most oil comes from ancient fungus and swamps

  8. I’ve never understood why ppl think dead animals make oil. if that was the case every cemetery would be overflowing. bones turn to dust not oil…….meat decompose so which part of a living creature turns to oil…..

  9. Every time I think about dinosaurs and oil I just picture robin William’s dinosaur rapping “I’ll be back but I’m comin as oil.” Doubtfire was fuckin gold

  10. Oil isn’t made from dinosaurs though. For some reason we get told that.

    Petroleum, natural gas and coal come from biomass, primarily from plankton and decaying marine organisms, and “single-celled bacteria” that “evolved in the Earth’s oceans about three billion years ago.” Over millions of years, layers of sediment built up, along with plants (plankton and algae) and bacteria. Heat and pressure began to rise. The degree of heat and the amount of pressure, along with the type of biomass, determine if the material becomes petroleum or natural gas.

    Over the course of millions of years, “members of these massive colonies died off” and “sank to the bottom of the sea and were gradually covered by accumulating sediment,” writes Strauss. “Over millions of years, these layers of sediment grew heavier and heavier until the dead bacteria trapped below were ‘cooked’ by the pressure and temperature into a stew of liquid hydrocarbons.”


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Man performs girlfriend’s favourite music.