The 4 horsemen of sequels.

The 4 horsemen of sequels. 7

The 4 horsemen of sequels. 8

The 4 horsemen of sequels.

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  1. F4 may have had the best gunplay but RPG-mechanics were worst in the series. Dialogue sucks, character progression sucks, companions suck and most questlines suck.

    Then again you could argue where the line between RPG-mechanic and writing goes, but for me those things are closely tied to gameplay in games like this.

  2. True, as an avid BL fan i like BL 3 for gameplay side but story nah, they missed lots of oppoturnities to add, also zero interaction between Vaughn & Rhys or the twins story, i really thought Troy was going to turn on his sister but instead it was just typical generic ending which left me empty and unsatisfied .. they really could do better than this, but i suppose after setting up handsome jack bar high it’s not easy to top it

  3. Fallout 4 may have better combat than the other Fallout games but its overall gameplay as an RPG isn’t as good as New Vegas.

  4. BL3 gameplay isn’t all that great either. Recently play through the DLCs and was just falling asleep in them. You fight the same waves of enemies over and over again. And once you get a decent weapon you don’t even think you just hold R2 and win. Boring gameplay and boring story make that game just bad. I had to literally put the game down after an hour or so just so I didn’t see the exact same enemy again. And don’t even get me started on the bosses. I didn’t think it was possible to make the most uninteresting bosses possible, but they did it. I can’t name a single boss in all of BL3 or the DLCs. They all suck. The game is just one giant bullet sponge with bad writing on it.

  5. AK was awesome. It was an enjoyable experience for me. Though the boss battles could have been better like in Origins.

  6. Batman arkham knight is better than origin by far in my opinion, so wouldn’t say it’s the weakest, but I agree it’s weaker than asylum and city.

  7. Dang, I can’t agree at all. Halo 3 was as good as it got for Halo for me, and I New Vegas was the best FO for me. I thought FO4 and Halo 5 didn’t hold a candle to earlier in each series. Haven’t played the other two so no comment there

  8. Fallout 4 removed skill based dialogue options and scaled back the impact of dialogue choice greatly. I’d say gameplay wise it is inferior.

  9. As someone with 1000 hours in Bl2

    I agree the gameplay was mostly a step forward

    But i wanna kill myself everytime I hear her saying superfan
    Fuck them

  10. Halo 3 had the best gameplay, 5 was not good. Also Fallout 4 played almost exactly the same as 3 and its story was just as jank.

  11. Halo 5’s gameplay was shit. Strayed way too far from the classic halo formula into the whole cod movement shooter bs.

  12. Not to get on the Fallout 4 hate train, but I personally wouldn’t even give it the “best gameplay” award. Best gunplay maybe, but they stripped out so many RPG mechanics that I became bored far faster than any other installment. Still haven’t gone back…

  13. fallout 4 is my favorite fallout just because of the gameplay and it has mod support on console which I don’t know any other games that do

  14. I feel like all of these had way better titles come before them. The first borderlands is amazing in every way, 3 sucked. Batman Arkham asylum is by far the best. Fallout 4 was shit compared to 3 and new Vegas and the first halo kills them all.

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