The cast of The Good Place react to being told the twist in Series 1.

The cast of The Good Place react to being told the twist in Series 1. 6

The cast of The Good Place react to being told the twist in Series 1.

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  1. Must’ve been so hard for Kristen and Ted to keep the secret until this reveal.

    This show was so hard to get into. I had to watch about 4 or 5 episodes to start liking it. Now I think it’s a very good show. Michael Schur and the writers do such a great job at keeping us on the edge.

  2. Here’s what Manny Jacinto (Jason Mendoza) said in an [interview]( with *Vulture*:

    > **I know they filmed your reaction to Mike Schur telling you about the major twist in season one. What was going through your head when you heard about it?**

    > Well, Mike was very formal about it. After episode eight, he was like, “Guys, after we’re done shooting, we’re going to gather you all into the common area in the cafeteria and we’re going to sit you down.” And I panicked. I was like, “Uh, am I getting fired?” This has never happened before. We’ve never had a meeting. And he seemed very serious about it. So my mind just went to worst-case scenario. But then he started recounting the story and Kristen had her camera out. So now it wasn’t, “Am I going to get fired?” It was, “Are we getting punked?” Then Mike came out with that twist, and I was like, “Holy crap, this guy is a genius.” All of the feelings started flooding in, like gratitude for being able to be a part of this, and excitement for other people to witness and to hear what I’d just heard.

  3. Unfortunately I didn’t get into the show until I read an article about how season 1 had such a great twist ending.

    When you know there’s a twist, and this show’s particular concept, there’s really only one thing the twist can be, so I already guessed it before then. I wish I could’ve experienced it blind.

  4. Two episodes in and I was like, “man this is torture. How is this supposed to be the good place?” Bought that Michael was just incompetent long enough. The reveal/twist wasn’t out of nowhere but well-deserved.

  5. Loved this show…. until a few seasons in when they started having recurring characters doing Australian accents. As an Australian it sounds like fingernails down a chalkboard. Everyone’s heard someone do a bad impression of your native accent. It’s truly horrible. Unwatchable.

  6. Only reason I got into the show was because of Ted and this was like right after it got released on netflix. Well the show was really great I personally had to stick it out the first few episodes but it was totally worth it haha. After I found out about the twist I rewatched the whole season looking for all the clues. It was an incredible first season!

  7. I knew in the first episode. It’s tv and there is always the push of subverting expectations to create a compelling show. Major “too good to be true vibes” and I stopped watching because I ruined the show for myself.

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