The Dutch eliminating the trash prefer it’s 3020

The Dutch eliminating the trash prefer it's 3020 7

The Dutch eliminating the trash prefer it's 3020 8

The Dutch eliminating the trash prefer it’s 3020

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  1. In some new areas in London where they’re building new communities, they’re using a system called Envac. You put the rubbish in the bins and they travel through a piping system to a centre outside of the town. This means there’s no need for any trucks to go door to door.

  2. My hometown in Australia installed some of these… Put two of them in locations the truck/crane couldn’t access. They filled up once and never got emptied…

  3. * half of Europe, if not more.

    Upd: To those saying “have no seen in…”. In my experience this is municipality, or even house/part of city/… dependent. I live in a relatively small town and we have alike system in some streets, but not everywhere.

  4. Not to brag, but in Philly we have a bunch of solar compactors and they are spaced, conservatively, every 100 miles. Also half are broken, and the other half are full.

  5. there’s a lot of these in France too. I was mesmerized the first time I saw one being emptied, I definitely did not expected it to be bigger on the inside

  6. Got that in a lot of European countries, generally for “newer” apartments buildings.

    In Luxembourg they have something similar for individual houses as well and they even have integrated water sparklers to clean the bin.

    Edit: I meant sprinkler. Lol.

  7. I’m a garbage man from Canada, 15 years in the industry and here’s the pros and cons of the various systems everyone is arguing about. Prices are CDN dollar, subtract about 1/3 for USD.

    Front End/Front Load Bins – The big steel (or plastic) bins that often have wheels and come in sizes ranging from 2 yd to 8 yd. Likely the most efficient system developed to date. Cycle time is 10 seconds for a skilled operator. Bins can be hidden inside a building and rolled to the truck. Typical cost for the customer is 30 to 90 dollars per service depending on size and location. My company charges about $11 per yd. Downside is space used for the bin. Upside is price and versatility. No infrastructure is required.

    Residential side load – wheelie bins. Low density housing usually have these where every household has their own. Cycle time is about 10 seconds. This system will almost certainly be the first to be automated once the technology improves. Cost is about 3-7 dollars per container, per service. Upside is convenience. Downside is it’s kind of messy with bins all over the place. If you miss putting out your bin you’re SOL.

    Molok – underground garbage system. The system in the video is a better design than the ones I’ve seen here in Canada, but it’s basically the same concept. Cost is higher at about $75 per lift/service for a 6 yd capacity. Cycle time is longer by a good margin. An optimized Front Load route can transfer 25+ tons per day. A molok system will be half that or less. Upside is a much cleaner look, no dirty rusty bins to look at. Downside is absolutely cost and versatility. Infrastructure must be built.

  8. Whilst living in Spain I dropped my keys down one of these. Shopkeepers nearby helped me out by taping two broomsticks together with the hook from a coat hanger. I got my keys back!

  9. It’s cool, but- asking seriously, not facetiously- is it actually efficient? Because that was really slow, and there’s still a bunch of bags alongside that some guys are going to have to toss in the truck manually anyway. They would’ve finished a several houses’ worth of trash on my street (to be fair- the buildings are very close together) in the time it took to do just that.

    Edit: Had no idea so many people were so eager to talk about garbage!

  10. How is this getting rid of trash like 3020? Lol its just a big garbage can…

    In 3020 wouldnt you expect that trash cans are like….really small and incinerate the trash as soon as you drop it in? Or no trash cuz everything is recycled?

  11. Gee it would be lovely to live in a country with the powerlines burried beneath the road. Especially when mine constantly catches fire from fallen above ground ones.

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Your annual reminder/notification of how the Susan G Komen basis is a fraud that does not really wish to remedy most cancers.

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