The end of the world

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The end of the world 8

The end of the world

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  1. It is not as dangerous as most people made out to be but the concerns are justifiable. It’s a novel virus and and there’s a lot doctors and scientists don’t know yet and it has no vaccine. While most people would recover if infected, there are still a significant portion of population that will be susceptible to the virus and may succumb and many more who will not be able to afford medical care needed. And so we should take necessary precautions and try to avoid contracting the virus. We may not die but we could spread to someone with weak immune system who could die of it.

  2. I saw a front page headline saying the first British person died of the virus. And then in small letters underneath it mentions how the person was in Japan not here. Media are sensationalist arseholes who are making people panic.

  3. What makes coronavirus dangerous is the disruption it causes. Quarantining hundreds of millions destroys the already weak economy and global systems. The fatality rate we see is when the health-care systems are at work which they won’t be when millions are infected. With a pandemic, the health systems are down and the death rate will be higher. There will be a market crash and irreversible damage will be done. I know the media exaggerates facts and plays with us for clicks but do not take lightly of this situation.

  4. Even though it’s extremely overhyped, there are some concerns as it it spreading faster than the swine flu after it started, which was the most contagious outbreak of the century

  5. People are blowing this way out of proportion. Not saying don’t be concerned but this is not a palgue.

  6. Tbh people making the corona out like it’s nothing don’t realize that you are fine but does not make babies 80+ year olds and people with a low immune system with the virus not showing symptoms but can be spread in that period that’s pretty bad

  7. Media feeds of people fear. The more dear they create more likely is a person to be invested in a particular news

  8. I mean, to some extent it’s good that the media makes this such a big issue. Because of all that panic and all, people fear getting the voris more and are more likely to avoid getting contaminated. If it was brushed off as not really a problem it could be much harder to contain it because of some people taking it lightly. Even though we can cure it and it doesn’t kill everyone, it still can be deadly and is highly contagious

  9. The effects on the economy are what scares the powerful. They fucked up twice in less than 20 years which could finally bring change to make the world a less greedy and fairer place because people are fed up with their shit. This is what they probably don’t want, right?

  10. The media have whipped this up into a mad frenzy and literally got people fearing for their lives. There’s 100,000 cases worldwide in a population of 7 billion, that’s nothing. The maps and graphs the media present are all designed to add fear and panic, to get us gripped to their stories and feeds. We may get it we may not but worry ain’t helping the situation. Life is not forever, something will take us all at some point, if Coronavirus is the way I’m meant to go then so be it. Just gotta keep on top of your infection control and as long as your health is in good shape I’m pretty sure we’ll be ok.

  11. The main problem is it overtook every other problematic virus out there in about month, and just kept growing

  12. Our local news station posted a picture of a world map with entire countries filled in if they had any case(s) of coronavirus. It’s super misleading bc looking at it you’re like omg!! the world is ending!!

    But if you look at the map the WHO (World Health Organization) regularly releases, it’s multiple dots on a map that show the areas where it’s affected most.

  13. The deathrates in china with bad healthcare is only 7%, meaning 93% recover, of those who die 98% were either old, really young, or with a weakened immunesystem, meaning to most of you reading this youll have a 0,0014% chance of dying even if you get the virus, it is laughably small, but fear of epedemics sells, so the media talk as much as they can about it to make a profit. It is one of the main reasons I rarely read the news anymore, fear for profit has become most of their values

  14. People use percentages when comparing COVID19 to “the flu.” To help my fellow Americans put it into perspective: 42.9 million people got sick during the 2018-2019 flu season — with 647,000 people hospitalized and 61,200 Americans died from it. That’s the significance in why it’s higher percentage should cause concern.

    Here’s the CDCs [stats]( for Desth By Age from COVID19

  15. Although the death rate is low, the spreading speed is really quick, justifiable because it is subject to mutation, for the flu at least u have confirmed medication

  16. No rational person is worried of dying from this unless their old or have a compromised immune system. What people are worried about is the amount of time they’d be out of work. Out of work=not making money=no food or shelter. That’s why once it gets going in America it’ll spread like wildfire. Most people can’t afford to take the time off from work so they’ll go in sick.

    And obviously the impact on the stock market and production of goods is worth mentioning as well. If you think it isnt a problem because it’s not going to kill millions, you’re not seeing the real reasons people are worried.

    But yeah, the media spreading panic isn’t helping.

  17. I will keep commenting this on every post i see that downplays the coronavirus

    “Its not always about mortality rate, its also about the how sick people can get. The disease is highly infectious and the incubation period is absolutely brutal, about 2-3 weeks of going through the illness which is 2-3 times longer than the average incubation period of the flu. In 3rd world countries, that could mean loss of job, home, food for family, etc. I don’t mean to be political, but living in a first world country, you don’t realize how devastating an illness can be to family living in poverty.

    Its mortality rate is also 30x higher than the flu

    Even if it becomes an epidemic in the Chinese, indian, Korean, filipino region of Asia, thats about 1.2B x .03 = 3.6M”

  18. Tbh people making the corona out like it’s nothing don’t realize that you are fine but does not make babies 80+ year olds and people with a low immune system with the virus not showing symptoms but can be spread in that period that’s pretty bad

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