The look of this cute pittie after being rescued

The look of this cute pittie after being rescued 6

The look of this cute pittie after being rescued 7

The look of this cute pittie after being rescued

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  1. I’m looking to finally adopt a dog after losing my dog to my ex. I was looking at puppies but they go fast at Thai shelter but I found a 4 year old German shepherd mix and put in a request to see her. Never thought I’d go for a grown dog before but here I am. I hope I can have her and give her the home she needs after being abandoned.

  2. That pittie imprinted that mans face in its heart. That dog searched that mans soul and decided that he is worthy of devotion.

    That look is as good as picking up Mjolnir. F

  3. Does “rescued” mean “adopted” or is it something else? I keep seeing people refer to their pets as “rescues” and it confuses me because I’m not sure what it means. We adopt our pets from the shelter and humane society but we always say just that, we “adopted” them.

    What does rescued mean in the context of pets? I would think it meant took in a stray that was going to die otherwise but this dog appears pretty healthy so idk.

  4. Every time this video gets posted, invariably people show up to say that the dog is actually very uncomfortable and the guy is in danger of getting his face chomped.

    They learned what “whale eye” is in dogs, and can’t wait to apply it to everything they see.

    I haven’t scrolled down yet, but I just know it’s waiting for me below.

  5. My parents have a rescued pit. It’s the cutest fucking dog I’ve ever seen. She does exactly that. She’ll run over to me, plop her entire body against my legs and whip her tail like it’s a propeller. If I sit on the couch she throws her head right into my neck and outs all her body weight me. It makes me melt a little every time

  6. Can someone enlighten me as to whether pits are dangerous or not? I’ve seen a lot of controversy over this

  7. Everyone loves to fantasize that this dog must be thinking, “oh my god, this man saved my life. I love him so much for being my savior.” When in reality, the dog is probably thinking something along the lines of, “I want some more food.”

  8. I have had nothing but nice encounters with pitbulls, and they seem to love me.

    However, it’s the only dog where people will post endlessly about how nice they “really are” and you know what THAT means.

    They aren’t a chihuahua, so keep it real.

  9. So, is it true or not that you shouldn’t look a dog in the eyes? I’m assuming what we’re seeing here is a new relationship, I’m just wondering if it’s too soon to be so familiar.

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