The most deeply personal review of Dr Bronner’s Peppermint Soap ever

The most deeply personal review of Dr Bronner's Peppermint Soap ever 7

The most deeply personal review of Dr Bronner’s Peppermint Soap ever

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  1. Fun fact. Dr. Bronner was admitted in Elgin Mental Health Center in Elgin, Illinois. After receiving electroshock treatments, he escaped the facility and continued to build his brand.

  2. I use same exact shampoo. I got some into my eyes. It felt like my eyes were open on a motorcycle going 110 in 30 degree temp

  3. The soap by Bronner’s is pretty awesome. A ~~lot~~ little goes a long way. Bronners also supports research of psychedelics for use in therapy which is super cool! Also, if you buy their bars of soap, they are huge while the competition has since made their bars smaller.

  4. I now use the citrus variety of Dr Bronner’s soap, but started using it originally with the peppermint variety.

    My first usage was… emotional. I, thinking this was like any other body wash, used a criminally negligent amount of this stuff and I paid dearly for it. It was like an iceberg was shoved into my crack, while my sack was left dangling in a straight line arctic gale.

    I recovered fairly quickly, but half expected that my undercarriage was, like this gentleman alluded, permanently bleached and shiny as a chrome bumper on a new Cadillac.

  5. I love that they commented back to him.

    >Clean body-mind-soul-spirit! Dilute, dilute! OK! (Note: we have seen no evidence that the soap can actually expunge records, though our company supports marijuana legalization, decriminalization of drugs, and reforming our criminal justice system.)

  6. amen amen.
    im not “allowed” to buy this anymore.
    i would buy the big bottle then put 1/8 in a bigger bottle and top it off with water. this was my shower mix.
    my then newly wed wife found the big full strength bottle under the sink and did me a favor when she noticed i was out of soap. she put the 100% in the shower.

    she then took a shower and used the full strength stuff.
    all i remember was her screaming and now i understand how a soap can be called spicy.

  7. Why is the music WAY louder than him?

    (That stuff is great though, it’s practically the only household soap/cleaner I have)

  8. I will happily shill for Dr Bronner’s here.

    The soap is fan-fucking-tastic but my favorite is Lavender. It is very concentrated and lasts a long time.

    It is also one of the only soaps that can clean my dick without my dick getting all red and super irritated for a while. This shit is pure.

    I’m also happy to support them because they lobby for legalization of psychedelics and support research into their potential mental health benefits.

    Dr Bronner’s all the way baby

  9. i use this soap for hair, body, and their lotion in the spring & summer in MI to repel mosquitos. Usually re-apply the lotion before going outside if it’s been a few hours. I have been doing this for 3 seasons now. Rarely bit now even hanging outside at dusk which is just ringing the the dinner bell.

    You do get used to the cold sensation but it takes a while each season. Totally worth not having to deal with deet or others.

  10. Don’t leave it on your balls for too long either.

    It’s a great soap. Smells great, feels great. 10/10 would recommend.

  11. Best soap in the world but we buy the almond scent usually. Not sure I could do the peppermint. Seriously though, best soap in the world.

  12. I use the baby hemp soap, it’s the only soap that doesn’t irritate my skin. I use it for laundry, for shampoo, for showering, for hand washing, everything.

    Dilute! Dilute! Dilute!

  13. just looked it up on amazon. What’s with all the crazy text all over the bottle? looks like some sort of crazy religious leaflet

  14. It says DILUTE DILUTE DILUTE all over the label for a reason.

    Search for “my flaps are on fire” for more fun reviews.

  15. This soap really is awesome, if you don’t have it is worth the money. They have some other awesome variations as well (citrus and almond are my go to).

  16. Okay so,
    Dr. Brauner’s WILL make your asshole tingle. When I was backpacking for a few months this is what we carried, and one member of group quickly realized this effects dr. Brauner’s would have on the ole’ ballon knot. So, as these mildly risqué things usually travel in a small group, I was soon aware of the properties of the soap, and when I went away from camp to go do my business, and was done doing said business, I put a small dollop of the soap on my hand. With LNT practices you don’t bring toilet paper into the back country and so you had to wipe your ass with a wet hand. With my dollop of soap and a small pour of water from my Nalgene, I set about cleaning my bottom. I finish, clean my hands with more doctor brauner’s and begin walking back to camp. As I return to camp I feel a crisp morning breeze sweep across my asshole as if it were an icy lake in clutches of winter, the tingle has begun. My b-hole tingled for the next 15 minutes or so, and too this day, I’m yet to decide if that was a pleasant experience or not. Certainly something to try once

  17. “It felt like I was in the shower but the crack of my ass was out front on the stoop drinking a 40 trying to get a record deal.” Good god I needed that, haven’t laughed that hard in a while.

  18. I love the company responded to the video and put ” Note: we have seen no evidence that the soap can actually expunge records, though our company supports marijuana legalization, decriminalization of drugs, and reforming our criminal justice system.) ” At the end

  19. The music elevated this.

    How’ve I never heard of this soap? With the psychedelic research support, high quality, and quantity? If someone paid for this viral marketing it was the best ad money anyone’s spent at that company.

  20. Strange synchronicity… I just had a shower with dr Bronners peppermint 18:1 and sat down and saw this.

    I couldn’t have described the experience better myself.

    You want to take it to the next level? Wash most the shit off but keep a small soapy gleam then crank that water line to the left and get that cold winter water. Then the cool sensation goes to a whole new level… you’ll start dancing around on your tippy toes with shock and glee. Almost feels like you’re burning.

    Then slip out of that shower and whip on a rough cotton towel, those crisp starchy white ones you find at hotels and gyms. Then scratch your body and your skin and it feels like the best itch you’ve ever had…

    hopefully you cranked the heat up enough and the bathroom is filled with steam and it can start to settle back on your skin and you can mix that with moisturizer and now your set

  21. Finally, a real peppermint shampoo. I can’t wait to try it. I need that high line the first weak peppermint shampoo I tried. It doesn’t give me that same fix anymore.

  22. That guy speaks the truth, Dr. Bronners Peppermint is good shit but I prefer the green label almond soap over the peppermint. You get all the clean feeling and your asshole doesn’t tingle like it just smoked a Newport.

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