The new ps5 controller

The new ps5 controller 7

The new ps5 controller 8

The new ps5 controller

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  1. I’m actually quite fond of the design, but there’s no way I’m buying a white controller. I came across my original white 360 controller a couple months back, and the thing was beige and yellow.

    I am excited to see how the design looks in a darker color.

  2. I have no fucks to give about the shape…can I set it on a flat surface and charge it without the fucking port taking added stress and eventually (every 6 months) needing replacement.

    Edit: Also, can I set it on the damn couch without it fast forwarding w.e.t.f. I happen to be watching? Can the mild movement of my cats not press a trigger from it sitting on my stiff ass couch as they pass/float by?

  3. I might just not like change, but I think the ps5 controller looks weird as fuck. It, kinda looks like the bastard child of an xbox and play station controller.

  4. Fuck is this really the controller? Did they really fuck with the options button location even worse making it so you are 95% guaranteed to press the touch pad instead of pausing the game instead of having a 50% chance? The touch pad seems to do nothing positive or useful. I was hoping they would make it smaller or remove it.


    Edit: Hopefully it does the opposite of what I am thinking.

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