The original character creator

The original character creator 7

The original character creator 8

The original character creator

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  1. Reminds me of the ARK carachter creator. I made a guy named Big G and made everything as big as possible. Then I upgraded his speed and stamina until he was extremely fast. Me and my friend were laughing for about a half hour watching some huge guy running at the speed of light. My friend made a guy named Arms McGee and had a really big upper body and small lower body, and he made it a tank, insane health and fist strength. I really need to buy ark, my free trial expired

  2. Huh, I agree with this. Kinda gives me a new perspective on life. Like our flaws make us more interesting in a way. Also haha funny meme

  3. I guess I understand it that if you’re so round as the earth and still in denial, there’s no other way of lying about your weight than saying the world is flat.

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The Aurora Borealis as seen from 122,600' (~37km) under a weather balloon 19

The Aurora Borealis as seen from 122,600′ (~37km) under a weather balloon

Oh that's just f***ed up.... 20

Oh that’s just f***ed up….